Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Canvas Coasters with StencilGirl® Stencils

Canvas Coasters with StencilGirl® Stencils
by Judi Kauffman
I thought it would be fun to make some stenciled canvas coasters to use on the night tables in our guest room
and while I was at it I made an extra set to give as a gift.

StencilGirl® Products Stencils:

Other Supplies:
Unprimed canvas coasters
Black gesso
Acrylic paint in black, gold, and coral
Stencil brush

Unprimed as well as primed canvas coasters are available pre-made (these were purchased, unprimed) or you can whip them up by cutting two 3.75” – 4” canvas circles for each coaster, machine stitch them together with matching thread about a quarter inch from the edge. Leave them raggedy, no need for perfection since the goal is to create something with a mixed media feel.

Paint both sides of the coasters with two coats of black gesso. Dry between coats and after second coat.
Brush on a light coat of gold metallic paint with a bit more at the edges.
Using black acrylic paint, randomly stencil circle patterns on one side.
To build depth, use coral acrylic paint to layer on some stenciled flowers.
Cover the coral flowers with a light coat of gold paint to tone back the color and mute the pattern.
Use black paint to repeat the randomly stenciled circle pattern. For one pair of coasters, use an almost dry stencil brush so more of the pattern from previous layers will appear (upper right and lower left in the photo). Edge these two with black paint right up to the stitching line. For the second pair of coasters, use more black paint for crisper edges and more distinct circle patterns. Edge these two with gold paint right up to the stitching line.

Paint the back of each coaster with black paint. Add two coats of acrylic sealer to both sides of the coasters to complete them. (Work one side at a time and dry thoroughly between coats.)
Allow 48 hours before using the coasters.

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