Thursday, May 24, 2018

Jennifer Evans, Cynthia Silveri, and Wendy Aikin have fabulous new stencils and masks!

Tutorials and Tutorial and Tutorials! 

That's what Jennifer Evans, Cynthia Silveri, and Wendy Aikin have each created for you in conjunction with their new stencils! You can see just a few above, but in this post, there are a total of 15 stencils to make you gasp with delight.

Mid Century Modern

Add effervescence to your art when you incorporate the funky shapes of Jennifer Evans' Mid Century Modern Stencils!

Mid Century Modern Vibe 3 (6x6 repeat)
Mid Century Modern Vibe 2 (6x6 repeat)

The Mid Century Modern Leaves Stencil does not repeat.

Rose Bouquets

Roses are blooming sweetly in Jennifer's small and mini Rose Bouquet stencils. Lovely for any art medium you choose but the mini would look fabulous on note cards.

If you would like to see the tutorial that goes with Mini Rose Bouquet, you can check out StencilGirl's Pinterest Page.

Dream of Palms 

Banish cabin fever or document your tropical trip with a stencil and/or a mask.

Stencil and Mask sold separately.

You can discover more tutorials on Cynthia's blog.

Birch Forest and Meadows

Cynthia Silveri was inspired to design her Birch Forest Stencil by the striking contrast of birch tree trunks and how they lighten a dark forest.

Use Birch Forest alone or layer the two panels to add depth.

Cornflowers and grassy fields wave gently in the breeze in Cynthia's Meadows Stencil.

Architectural Interpretations

Go new places when you use Wendy Aikin's Over the Bridge and Top of the Hill Stencils in your art!

Wendy was inspired to make Over the Bridge when she saw people bungee jumping off a bridge in Bend, Oregon. Top of the Hill is an altered image of pilgrims headed towards Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Near Miss and Totally Triangular 

Wendy included a target in a piece of original artwork and the idea for Near Miss was born.

Metal sculptures Wendy viewed through an industrial window inspired Totally Triangular.

Wow! We hope you enjoyed the tutorials! You can see all 15 new stencils at


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  2. Sisters, Love these unique designs and the artwork made with them!! I have added to my wish list. :) Take care and STAY POSITIVE!


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