Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Stencil it! Wear it! Beyond the T-shirt with Silvia Souza

Hello! It's Silvia Souza.

Natalie Chanin aka Alabama Chanin is one of my heroes. I discovered her work a few years ago, and loved how she made t-shirt fabric embroidered garments that look like updated Renaissance clothing. My admiration for her grew as I read her books; she was reviving not only the arts but also the economy of a former cotton mill town in the South.

My eldest son will be married next year and I am inspired to make my dress using techniques gleaned from her.  I also gained confidence for this process in a class I took with Karen McElfish at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA, taking apart old t-shirts and recycling them into new shirts.  

Before starting the dress, I needed to try out stitches and stencil techniques in a sample.  I found two t-shirts on sale for $2 apiece and decided to use them as canvas and practice project. 

I stenciled them using Terri Stegmiller's Curvy Stems (L122).   

Then I started playing with threads and stitches. I modified a McCall’s pattern and cut up the components and reassembled the two t-shirts into one.



  1. Wow! This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful! LOVE the idea, love the stitching, love the finished project! So inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Claudia xxx

  2. I am a huge Alabama Chanin fan too. Love what you have done!

  3. Do you have a tutorial somewhere about what paints tonuse and how to stencil on fabric?

    1. Hi, you can find a number of fabric tutorials on our website:
      Hope this helps :)

  4. This is just amazing and inspirational.

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