Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Make, Bake, & Stencil, with a Dash of Creepy Crawly!!! :)

Hello Hello Fellow StencilGirl Fans

Today I would like to share with you my recent Halloween themed creativity! This month I was a bit of a challenge for me, and what I have created has taken me right outside my comfort zone, both creatively and theme-wise.

I must confess that I didn't have any theme appropriate stencils in my stash but I did choose 3 stencils that pattern wise helped to create the Halloween look!

So to begin with, I got my bake on; which means that I went to my local bakery and bought a 'lil orange cake and some chocolate cupcakes [wink wink!] I don't bake. I used a fabulous StencilGirl stencil to decorate both the plate and the cakes themselves. I then decorated the cakes with plastic novelties and lollies.

I first began with the fabulous Black Birds In Trees Invert stencil designed by Kimberley Baxter Packwood to decorate my serving/display plate with icing sugar. The collage of images above shows you step by step how I achieved this.

I used then used the fabulous Web stencil designed by Mary Beth Shaw to decorate both the cake and cupcakes using icing sugar. Below I have posted a couple of close up images.

Then I concentrated on creating some party favors; Lollie boxes and cupcake flags. These are basic Kraft favors that I bought unembellished and then decorated using spray mist and more fabulous StencilGirl® stencils!

I used the same technique for both the lollie boxes and cupcake flags. I used fabulous Black Birds In Trees stencil designed by Kimberley Baxter Packwood and the fabulous Bare Branch Thicket stencil designed by Trish Mckinney to decorate them.

I considered using a basic black spray mist to create the moody pattern on the boxes however I ended up using a black mist that had a lot of gold shimmer that makes the boxes glow! To add some extra visual interest I added splats of orange shimmery mist.

It goes without saying that I had to add some critters to the cupcake flags [close up images below] LOL :) :) :)

Well, that is the end of my creative share, I do hope these projects bring a smile to your face, and don't make you shudder; because of all of the creepy crawlies! :)

Cheers and Happy Creating 

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