Wednesday, November 7, 2018

StencilClub Voices make "Her Story" our story!

Tell your story with Her Story.

Hello! Carol Baxter here curating Stencil Club Voices for November 2018. I am pleased to share this post with Shel C and Jill Holmes!

I believe the colors combos we each chose gave each of our art stories an utterly different emotional tone. See what you think:

Shel C's Portrait in Pan Pastels

Shel C says, "I really enjoyed Pam's ethereal face stencil and thought it would be beautiful with the soft touch of pan pastels. The words in the 6X6 stencil 'beautiful' and 'home' gave me inspiration for the piece which is full of light and shadow and the contrast between warm and cool colors."

Jill Holmes' Never Forget Art Journal Spread

Jill Holmes says, "I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to illustrate this November's Stencil Club set created by Pam Carriker! I have admired Pam's work for quite some time and I have recently been able to attend some live classes with both her and Mary Beth. Interestingly enough, I incorporated techniques shown to me by both of them in this journal entry." 

You can see more of Jill's process right here.

Carol Baxter's Lost Steps in Acrylic

Me again. When I have extra paint on my tray I paint it onto another sheet. The sheet I started with had swipes of red, white, and grey. I used the small stencil from the Her Story set backward on purpose - when in a difficult place the steps are not always readily available or maybe just not ready to be taken. 

The eyes of the woman on the large stencil are appealing and I am anxious to work with them more until I can stencil ones that are less harsh. For this piece, the deer in the headlights works for me. 

Seth Apter's Borderlines large stencil snuck in there too. The fading, yet unforgotten ghost in the story.

And that is the beauty of this set. You can tell your story with it!

Her Story is a StencilClub exclusive.

Sign up here.

Find out what Designer Pam Carriker has in store for the project in the Reveal Post.


  1. Wonderful work. I think this month’s stencils are outstanding.

  2. Looking forward to these stencils arriving. Great showcase!

  3. Shel C and Carol--love your story interpretations!

  4. Wow. All three look amazing. What an inspired stencil. But then, it is Pam Carriker who designed them, right? The master at faces.

  5. All I can say is wow! Fantastic work and such diverse art using the same stencil. Fabulous job!

  6. What beautiful results with Pam’s fabulous stencils.

  7. Carol and Jill, I love the drama and color depth you created in your artwork! They are all fabulous!! I especially dig the warm and cool piece. Take care Ladies and STAY POSITIVE!


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