Thursday, November 8, 2018

Guest Designer: May Flaum

Hi, everyone! May Flaum here! When it comes to stencils I love them in all sizes and styles! One way that I’ve been super into using them lately is to build a base texture on a wood or canvas surface that I can layer color over to create an aged effect. Today I’ll be sharing with you my most recent project – a cute little box that turned out beautifully with a Tea Cup & Fleur Mix stencil.


1.      Apply stencil(s) to surface using a paste medium. Matte finish is best – I prefer a light paste. You don’t need a heavy layer, just enough to have texture.
2.      Once dry, apply your first coat of paint. I applied soft blue and lavender here. You can start light and add dark, or do the opposite.
3.      Once the base layer of color is dry, add another. I like to use watered down acrylic paint for this stage to help build color gently. Here’s a tip! Sponge off excess with a paper towel – and watch the texture that happens if you use a towel with good texture!
4.      Once finished with paints, add some ink highlights with waterproof ink if desired.
5.      For some metallic fun, use a metallic ink pad, then add embossing powder and heat set. I used some gold and gold powder here to add a bit of shine and even more texture.
At this point – you’re done! You could add embellishments, additional colors if desired, or simply sit back and enjoy your good work. I love how the stencils add to this project and so simply! There is a reason I always say I can’t live without stencils – they can be so useful in so many ways on all of your projects. 
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  1. Very cute project - thanks for the idea!

  2. waue great art,you are very creative. thank for showing

  3. I love the box you created and the way you use textures and colors! That would make an awesome tea storage caddy for a gift! Thanks for using my stencil in such a fun and creative way!

  4. This is so cute! I agree with Sandee that this would make such a fun gift filled with tea bags!!


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