Friday, January 11, 2019

Guest Designer: Amanda Pink

Hi, Everyone!
My name is Amanda, some people call me 'Pink' (it’s my surname) so please feel free to do so too. You can usually find me creating at Ink-A-Pink. I'm super thrilled and honored to be here with you today as a StencilGirl® Guest Designer.

I love using Stencils in my art so have enjoyed creating this grungy, yet colorful piece of layered Mixed Media Art. I think it could be said I 'embraced the stencil’ as I used 6 stencils in total, 7 if you count the one I used twice!
I hope you will enjoy my creativity!
The base
This is a 10 x12 canvas that I primed with gesso and lightly colored with blended distress crayons. As the central area of the canvas was to be covered I concentrated the stenciling around the sides of the canvas only. 
Using a palette knife I applied crackle paint through one of the bars on StencilGirl® Urban Insiders bar designed by Seth Apter  (the lower one in the photo below) repositioning the stencil as I worked.
Once the crackle paint dried and the cracks formed I blended a little more color onto the canvas and lightly touched the crackled stenciling with some silver gilding wax to accentuate the cracks.
The canvas corners are embellished with some metal hardware.
I love using metal bits and pieces in my art.
The main central panel
This is a triple layered stencil print I created using a gel plate, brayer, stencil brush, StencilGirl® stencils and acrylic paint.
The first layer saw me using one of the stencils from StencilClub March 2015 the Private Collection 15.2 designed by Mary Beth Shaw the large one in the photo below). I worked in a lighter shade of acrylic paint brayering the paint through the stencil that I'd positioned on my gel plate.
For the second layer I repeated the same process as for layer 1 but this time I used StencilGirl® Numbers stencil designed by Seth Apter  and also introduced some color at this stage - blues, pink and purple hues.
and for the third layer I set the gel plate and brayer to one side and instead used a stencil brush to apply black acrylic paint through StencilGirl® Techno Insiders Circle stencil designed by Seth Apter the stencil as I worked and occasionally only stenciling through part of the design. 
As you can see all the stencil designs retain their own identity and are visible to varying degrees despite being layered on top of each other. This gives depth to the finished piece as well as adding intrigue and interest to the viewing eye as it tries to unpick the layers that sit beneath the surface. 
Some highlight and low light pen work helped lift some of the stencil designs.
 Let’s get you a little closer so you can unpick those layers of stenciling yourself:
There’s the circles and lines created in layer 1 using Mary Beth's stencil:
the words, numbers and marks created in layer 2 using Seth's stencil:
and of course the techno insider circles created in layer 3 using Seth's stencil:
You may have spotted some stamping and white paint splatters too! I love splatters!
The Embellishments
I created another layered stencil gel print working this time with 2 stencils but creating 3 layers of stenciling.
For the first layer I used StencilGirl® Fractured Glass  6 stencil designed by Mary Beth Shaw with acrylic paint.
For the second layer I used the small 4x4 stencil from StencilClub March 2015 the Private Collection 15.2 designed by Mary Beth Shaw (the small one to the left of the photo below).
Here's how the print looked at this stage:
Just as I did for the main central panel, for the third layer I set the gel plate and brayer aside and applied crackle paint through StencilGirl® 'Fractured Glass 6' designed by Mary Beth Shaw using a palette knife.
I then used this piece of layered stenciling to die cut my focal feature and embellishments some of which you will have caught glimpses of in the close ups I have shared already. 

The focal feature is a stacked 'Starstruck' die designed by Seth Apter.
topped with bits and pieces I have in my stash:
I also added a few 'offcut lengths to three of the sides and scattered a few crackle stenciled stars here and there to finish off.
Thank you for joining me today and for letting me share my stenciled mixed media art panel with you all. I hope that maybe I have offered you some creativity inspiration along the way. 

Thank you so much StencilGirl® for inviting me to contribute as a Guest designer and enjoy such an amazing opportunity! 

Take care, everyone!
Be happy and keep on creating! 

Stencils I used:

Amanda Pink
Instagram: kynapi10Pink


  1. Thank you so much StencilGirl® for inviting me to contribute as a Guest designer and enjoy such an amazing opportunity! I always LOVE creating with your fabulous stencils .
    Heartfelt Thanks

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Linda for your kind words and for taking the time to stop by . Much appreciated x

  3. Love your piece. I always love texture and circles!

    1. aw thank Denise your kind words are greatly appreciated . Thanks for stopping by x

  4. Fabulous art Amanda, truly inspirational xxx

  5. Thank you so much, Brenda for such lovely words and for taking the time to stop by . Much appreciated x

  6. Gorgeous layers! Stunning result, congratulations again! xx

    1. Thanks so much Ruth . I really appreciate your kind words and your visit . x

  7. Amazing textural work from Amanda - with all that fabulous crackle and so much depth to the colours.
    Alison x

    1. YOur visit and kind words are very much appeciated , Alison. Thank you kindly x

  8. Love the way you described putting this together! I agree with everyone's comments above - great job!

  9. Thank you so much Firewoman55 . Much appreciated x


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