Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Carry it: Carol's Oversize Sunglasses Case


Greetings and salutations! 

Carol B here to regale you with a project and my new obsession. I've had this pair of understated sunglasses a few months - carrying them on my head mostly. But I kept thinking it'd be handy to be able to put them in my purse as day eventually comes night.

They do not fit in any conventional cases or even convenient stash-in-the-car places.

My intent was to make a cloth case, but after I painted, I realized I'd need to line it with more cloth which meant sewing with the machine and, I confess, I added it to the sewing pile. 

But I still need a case and I have a bit of Kraft Tex Fabric Paper leftover from a StencilGirl blog hop a couple years back, a scrap of soft t-shirt material, a needle with a big ol' eye, embroidery thread, and of course stencils!

I used Sandee Setliff's Music Geek, Cat Kerr's Math Woman (Music must have been made before math was written down, but is music possible without math?), and Gwen Lafleur's Art Deco Alphabet stencils.

 Project time: About an hour.

I wanted the faces to come out "clean" so I stenciled them in white but I had no idea what I wanted to do with the blank canvas all around them to unify the two faces.

This is a nod to Mary Beth Shaw and her complete infatuation with grids. Her Grid Pack happened to be on the top of my stencil stack and I thought it would work because it was different from the patterns in the hair.

"Put a grid on it." I didn't get it. But now I got it! 

So I am stenciling away with the grids, totally forgetting I need to take a pic between layers. Here's some paper I made. I could fool around making grid paper for hours-- the stages of an unfinished page in my journal. Look at all those little spaces to do or not do something with!

Here's how my scrap of fabric paper for my sunglasses came out:

Do you see plaid? I like plaid!
Tip: Fabric paper will make your sewing machine needle become dull quickly (and as I wrote earlier, I was not ready to pull out my sewing machine).

Embroidery thread would be just the thing and I would not even need t stitch all the way around. It's not like these glasses are going to fall out!

I stitched a center corner so my t-shirt material would be next to the lenses of the sunglasses. Then, I folded the stenciled fabric paper approximately in half and stitched some Xs and ----- lines.

Here's the math side:

My big eyed needle came in handy to pull some thin ribbon through the little stitches Then I knotted each ribbon. I wrote the lyrics from a Prefab Sprout song, "Green Isaac", on her face because that's the tune-track that was playing in my head.

Here's the  music side:

Next time you have an hour what will you make with your stencils?

p.s. Dang it, Mary Beth, your grid stencils are calling me but it's time to make dinner!


  1. Love this so much. Great job Carol. How fun

  2. LOVE the case, the only thing disappointing is not seeing YOU in those glasses!! You rock!


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