Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Carry It: Zippered Art Pouch

Hi Friend! If you ask me, you can never have too many art pouches. I use them for my pens, pencils, misc art supplies, even to store and carry smaller stencils. So when I was presented with the Carry It challenge, I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to create another art pouch.

I found a pack of these blank, zippered pouches on Amazon, a while back so I used one of these. I started by taping off the zipper and hardware to keep it paint free.

Next, I busted out my biggest gel plate. This one measures 12x14 and is perfect for a job of this size. I first gave one side a base layer of color by pressing it down onto my gel plate, just as if it was a piece of paper. I did the same thing to the pouch strap.

Then I just flipped it over and painted the other side by pressing it down onto my gel plate again.

With both sides colored, it was time for my favorite step... stenciling! I used the Create Face stencil by Pam Carriker to create my focal point. This stencil measures 6x6 so it was the perfect size for the project.

 After stenciling on the face and hair, I stenciled on the body, using the same stencil. I also added some background texture using the Thicket Background stencil by Trish McKinney.

 To add a little more interest to my art pouch, I used Vintage Typewriter Numbers by Carolyn Dube and Hash Marks by Marybeth Shaw.

To add just a bit more contrast, I used my fave white Sharpie for a little mark making.

Lastly, I stenciled the pouch strap, again using the Thicket Background stencil.

And done! All that was left to do was add a few art supplies and toss my new art pouch into my bag for some art on the go.

Thanks for following along. Wishing you a week full of art and full of whimsy.
Art & Whimsy


  1. Great idea to use the pre-constructed pouches. Love your color combo and stencil choices. Very striking project!

  2. Do you wash the pouch first? Do you “finish” it with anything?


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