Monday, April 1, 2019

Fun & Games are in store for StencilClub members this April!

Mahjong, Bunco, Bingo, Bridge, Hearts, Euchre, Poker, Parchisi, Yahtzee, Blackjack, Uno, Chess, Checkers or whatever games you play, Cynthia Silveri has a stencil set for your playtime.

If you were not ready for fun and games, now you can be absolutely ready with:

3 exclusive stencils, a downloadable PDF and video of Cynthia's project, access to the StencilClub art community, and a 20% discount coupon are all a part of StencilClub membership!

You are a winner with Fun & Games because there are plenty of other ways to incorporate these stencils into your art if actually playing games leaves you yawning:

Make yourself the winner or illustrate chance in your art journal with the poker chips.

Bring the memory of childhood games into your art with the mini game pieces.

These stencils feature everything from

  • long borders and 
  • hand-drawn patterns to 
  • criss-cross elements and 
  • a faux table-top pool with
  • whimsical splashes and
  • numbered pockets.

Here's Cynthia to tell you about the exciting project she made with these stencils.

You don't want to miss the techniques and stencils!

Join StencilClub by April 15th and get them delivered to your door and email inbox.

Already a club member and want to check out Cynthia's other stencils? You can do that!


  1. Love these stencils! The project is amazing! So excited for the their arrival. plylerdl (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Amazing stencils. We were always and still are a board game playing family.

  3. Great stencils this month! Where would we be able to get the substrate?

    1. Cynthia is using a polyester cotton laminate cloth. All the details will be provided to StencilClub members in the PDF and video tutorial they receive April 15!


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