Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Silhouettes, Houses, Floral Spirals, and more stencils and masks!

You have arrived at the right place for stencil variety because Jennifer Evans and Valerie Sjodin each have new stencils!

Nineteen wheels are caught in a moment of harmony in Jennifer Evans' Spoked Wheels Collage Mask.

Spoked Wheels Mask, S709, 6" x 6"

Winding to a center blossom, the Spiral Dot Dash Stencil, M262, resembles berries or bud with leaves. 
The curling pattern of the Leaf Spiral Stencil, M261, is reminiscent of an unfurled fern frond. This mini stencil makes a delightful addition to your art journal for writing along the stem.
A gentle breeze seems to wind around the plant in the Spiral Vine Stencil, M263. 
You can make beautiful collage papers with these stencils, get painterly in your art journal pages, make encaustic art, or make greeting cards.

Each of these stencils is 4" x 4".
Art Journal Collage with Watercolor and Pen.

Leaf and Clover Prints Stencil, S708, 6" x 6"
Whispery and delicate are the leaves and buds of the Leaf and Clover Prints Stencil. Use this stencil when you want to achieve a painterly look with watercolors or capture a feeling reminiscent of pressed flowers in your artwork.

Couples Stencil with Masks: Use as individuals or as couples. These upright figures can be configured and integrated in many ways. Use as silhouettes or as a paper doll base to build clothing and personalities of the figures. When combined with the Small Figures stencils, distance and depth are easily achieved. These figures are compatible in size with the Figures Praising. 

Washi Tape, Acrylic, and Pen Tags

This small version of the figures stencils adds the human touch and depth of distance when combined with the other figure stencils. These are perfect for small cards and ATC’s. 

Acrylic Bible or Art Journal Spread

Praising Figures are compatible with the Bible journaling Figure stencils, expanding the possibilities for Bible journaling. Use as silhouettes or as a paper doll base to build clothing, and personalities of the figures.

Sheet Music, Acrylics, and Pen Collage.

There are so many things you can make with this versatile Fancy Houses Mixie Stencil Mask. Use as a mask and/or stencil. Tape off portions to make building blocks of new unique houses. The small houses fit ATC (Artist Trading Cards) and the larger fit within a 5x7” card. Mix and match with Figure stencils to add the human touch. They make a wonderful companion to StencilClub Fancy Houses, December 2018 (exclusive to club members).

Play Diorama.

Look how easy it is to use this hinged stencil:

How-to: Stencil a Fancy House Village Complete with People:

Acrylic Art Journal Spread

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