Saturday, June 8, 2019

New Chinese Garden and Collage Texture & Pattern Stencils by Gwen Lafleur

Rich backgrounds and focal elements are imbued in these stencils designed in signature Gwen Lafleur style.

Gwen Lafleur's Chinese Garden - Buddha stencil was inspired by her travels throughout Asia where she was able to learn about Buddhist beliefs and visit temples, grottoes, and pagoda gardens where images and statues of the Buddha abound. This particular image was taken directly from a soft pastel portrait in one of her art journals and is paired with the word "Balance" in both English and Chinese characters.

​Use this stencil to create your own art journal of mixed media portraits in pencil, acrylics or watercolors, soft pastels, and more. You can also use portions of the stencil to create interesting focal points or textural elements.

Chinese Garden Koi Stencil, S711, 6" x6 "

The Chinese Garden - Koi stencil by Gwen was inspired by beautiful ponds full of Koi fish that she saw in the Yu Garden in Shanghai as well as at the end of a long, hot hike on Tienman Mountain in China. Use this stencil to bring that same tranquility to your art journal, mixed media artwork, handmade cards and tags, and more.

Chinese Garden Lotus Stencil, S710, 6" x 6"

The Chinese Garden - Lotus stencil by Gwen was inspired by all of the lotus blossoms she has seen in her travels throughout Asia as well as by a hand-carved woodblock she found in India. This stencil makes a beautiful focal point for mixed media artwork, art journaling, handmade cards, and more.

Collage Texture & Pattern:

Medieval Cyrillic Stencil, L731, 9"x 12"

Gwen's Collage Textures and Patterns - Medieval Cyrillic Stencil was inspired by her Russian language studies in grad school and even more so by her travels throughout Russia. While on a once in a lifetime trip along the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Gwen was able to visit multiple museums and Orthodox churches where she was struck by the decorative and illuminated Cyrillic characters used in icons, frescoes, and ancient manuscripts. These found their way into her Angels and Icons series of works and from there into stencil form.

​The characters are blends of different Cyrillic characters mixed together into decorative form and are ideal for adding interesting and unusual patterns into art journal backgrounds, for creating texture in mixed media artwork, or for encaustic painting and much more.

Collage Textures and Patterns: Leaves, L333, 9" x 12"
Gwen's Collage Textures and Patterns - Leaves Stencil was inspired by wallpaper and upholstery inside one of her favorite buildings. The bottom half of the stencil features a repeating pattern of circles around stylized leaves and the top has a stem of decorative leaves and berries along with larger versions of each of the individual leaves and stems.

​Use this stencil to create repeating backgrounds in your art journal, for focal elements in your mixed media art, or pair it with your favorite flower stencils for truly unique compositions on handmade cards and tags.

Here is a peek into the mini art journal Gwen combined these stencils to create.

What art will grow in your garden journal? Discover all of Gwen's stencils HERE.


  1. Love these stencils and the art you created with them!


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