Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Designer Kristin Reese Williams has stencils for Stitching and there are 4 more must-have stencils from 2 designers!

A talented entrepreneur, artist, and no stranger to anyone who has been following StencilGirl, Kristin Williams has joined our cadre of stencil designers. She brings one of her current obsessions for embroidery to her new designs. She has lots of tips to share for using these stencils.

Cecilia Swatton has two new abstract stencils and Valerie Sjodin has new Leafy Doodle stencils (and a diy washi tape video), so please scroll on down.

Floral Sampler, S706, 6"x6" Stencil

Kristin’s art oftentimes revolves around flowers, and her Floral Sampler Stencil is a nod to her mother’s wildflower garden. No rhyme or reason for the Daisys, Cone Flowers, or happy little flowers swirling around this stencil. Just flower happiness.

Your stencils can be used as patterns for stitching! Kristin recommends using matte acrylic paint (like Paper Artsy) or white or black gesso. Your paint can be part of your design, or you may cover everything up with stitches.

For stitching on the Floral Sampler, you have opportunities for Cross Stitch, Satin Stitch, Running Stitch, French Knots, Spider Web Rose or whatever stitch strikes you! Same with choosing your colors for painting or stitching. It’s a wildflower garden so, go wild!

Kristin has used this Stencil as a key element on her pocket for her in-progress stitched shop apron.

Boro, meaning “rags” or “tattered cloth,” refers to textiles that have been patched many times over and were passed on through generations.

Boro is an ancient art form and alters a wonderful textural creation of stitches upon stitches and cloth upon cloth to mend and repair garments. Generally involving patches and many “tiny stabs” of stitches, Japanese Boro cloth is a sought-after textile.

Kristin designed this stencil as she loves the texture, history and utilitarian beauty of Boro. A stitcher, herself, she finds beauty in the multitude of stitches and tattered cloth that preserved clothing through the years.

Here Kristin shows you a background using the Boro stencil. As always, you can use the stencil as a whole or just stencil through parts as she did in white gesso. 

Boro, S705, 6" x 6" Stencil

ATC Stitch Mixup, L729, 9" x 12" Stencil

Oftentimes when Kristin was teaching stitching classes, she’d grab a dishtowel or random piece of fabric to use to show how to create specific embroidery stitches. She had an “Aha! Moment” realizing a stencil with her favorite stitches would be great to use for students as well as teachers.

Using muslin or any lightweight fabric, stencil so that you have about 3-4 inches on each side —this makes it easier to place a hoop anywhere on the fabric. Stencil with any matte acrylic paint (like Paper Artsy) or black or white gesso.

Kristin stitched with all 6 strands of DMC floss using a Chenille Needle as it has large eye and a sharp point. The larger stitch patterns on this Stitch ATC Stencil are great for beginners as they can learn the intricacies with less frustration.

Starting at the top left the stitches used are: Seed, Cross, Chain, Spider Web Rose, Lazy Daisy, French Knots, Running, Couching, and Fly.

Not a stitcher? Cut this stencil up and use these great patterns in your art journaling backgrounds or to integrate your designs!

Abstracted Letters by Cecilia Swatton

Cecilia Swatton is in her happy place when she is customizing letters. Her R & E and M & Y 4" x 4" Mini Stencils are each a combination of two letters that evolved into an abstract pattern. 

M & Y , R & E 4" x 4" Mini stencils

You can check out Cecilia's blog in the coming week for more inspiration with these stencils.

Leafy Doodles by Valerie Sjodin

If you want to make a repeated leaf border, Valerie Sjodin's large 9" x 12" Leafy Doodle Border is the stencil for you.  The stencil includes three borders, a leafy branch mask, and random leaves to stencil on your artwork. Random leaves can be sprinkled over artwork and journal pages.

handmade washi tape

Leafy Doodle Verge is the small 6" x 6" version.  The stencil pieces fit nicely in the pockets of a Moleskine or Leuchturrm 1917 journal.

All three borders on either stencil are repeatable.

You can discover all the latest stencils on our website.

Happy stenciling!


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