Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Texture It or Make a Mark on It ATCs with Shel and Peg

Hello & Welcome to Stencilgirl® Talk,

We are glad you stopped by to check out what fun we have been having with stencil designs from StencilGirl®.  This month the Creative Team was challenged to ‘Texture It or Make a Mark on It’ and there is nothing better then stencils to do both of those things! Peg and Shel picked three stencils to collaborate with and chose to make Artist Trading Cards with them.  

Artist Trading Cards are tiny pieces of beautiful art that you can trade or send to others easily. They measure 3 ½ X 2 ½ inches just like a baseball or Poke’mon trading card. The stencils we picked are these three!

StencilGirl® has several absolutely fabulous designs that were made just for artist trading cards! They have 9 different sections that are perfectly sized and full of shapes and lines. We chose the ATC Mixup 1 Stencil to showcase.

Shel used the section of the stencil that is on the left side, second from the top for her ATC. The design was pressed onto black card-stock with a gelatin plate using shimmery paints and then enhanced with crinkled paper strips to add texture. It was finished off with some dimensional pieces attached with foam tape.

Peg used a shaving cream technique on her ATC. Check out the videos for more details.

Of course, you do not have to have a stencil that was designed and sized specifically for making artist trading cards to have fun with texture and mark-making on your ATCs! The next stencil we chose has lots of potential for texture..both tactical and visual. River Rocks 6 is perfect for both.

Shel used white modeling paste through the stencil with a palette knife to create a rocky texture and her ATC and then colored it with fluid acrylic. Then she used the puddle of acrylic ‘leftover’ to make some marks on white watercolor paper with the edge of another ATC. These were cut into similar ‘pebble’ shapes as the stencil and then added to the ATC using foam tape and finished off with some sparkling stick-on gems.

Peg used light molding paste to give dimension to an alcohol ink background. Once the paste was dry, colors were applied and a few stickers were added. To complete the card a white pen was used for highlights.
For our third stencil choice and ATC design, we decided on the Circle 6 Stencil.

Peg says this one has been a long-time favorite of hers and has so many applications!

Shel used the stencil with liquid watercolors and flipped over the stencil while wet to make a mark on her ATC which was cut from heavy watercolor paper. She also used the design with metallic texture paste to add a sun image, as well as using it to create more marks on some painty paper for a collage saguaro cactus. Three uses with one fun stencil!

Peg used another alcohol ink background as the ATC base. With a sponge applicator, permanent ink was applied through the stencil. Then an additional layer of sparkle paste was added using this awesome stencil design.

We had such a great time using StencilGirl® Products stencils this month to create texture and marks on artist trading cards. We hope you will make some too!

Much Love and Color to you,
Shel C & Peg Robinson


  1. I really enjoyed seeing how two artists used the same stencils with such unique results.


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