Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Horse stencils are thundering in by new designer Lanie Frick!

You asked and we listened.

Our newest stencil designer, artist Lanie Frick, was not born in a barn but considers the one she has now as much her living space as her house. Who better to create stencils depicting Norman and a running horse, a colt/filly, horseback riders, horses touching noses, and a horseshoe stencil.

Colt / Filly Resting, S713, 6" x 6" and Touching Noses, M266, 4" x 4"
Colt / Filly Resting, is a sweet stencil designed by Lanie Frick. When the colt/filly rises on her wobbly knees and finds her stride, watch out. For now, this baby animal is ready to grace the pages of your art journal, become the focus of a painting, or warm hearts on a card.

The animals on the farm where Lanie Frick grew up taught her about living with nature, paying attention to seasonal shifts, how to read body language, and how we communicate via the resonance of our intention.  The mare and foal on the Touching Noses stencil reflect that love.

Gone Riding, L734, 12" x 9"
Take your artwork on a journey with Lanie Frick’s Gone Riding Stencil. Just like the three figures on their valiant mounts, set your pace and find your artistic joy as you escape the stresses of life in the sanctuary of art.

Norman Horse & Running Horse, L735, 9" x 12"
A Norman horse (top) and a running horse (bottom) grace this stencil designed by Lanie Frick. Cut the stencil in half to make them easier to set free in your artwork.

Horses Stenciled on Rice Paper

Horses by Moonlight

Horseshoe, M265, 4" x 4"

Holding the luck, raining down luck, or shod on a horse, Lanie Frick’s Horseshoe stencil is ready for play in your artwork, be it painting, journal, or greeting card. If the shoe fits, the luck is yours (to share).

You can read more about Lanie Frick and set these horses free in your art by clicking here.

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