Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Few Minutes with Mary Beth

I started out using rubber stamps way back in the '90s. I made greeting cards and that was pretty much it for many years. It wasn't until 2000 that I started learning about mixed media and subsequently started to exhibit my art, appear in juried competitions, then gallery shows. 
And now I own a stencil company. John and I recently attended Stampaway, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a lot of fun and I thought you might enjoy a look around......
We hope you enjoyed this episode of Just a few minutes with Mary Beth!

Stay tuned!
Mary Beth Shaw will be back again next month with another new VLOG post!


  1. Wow, Living out near Death Valley, I travel over a hour just to get to a big box craft shop. I want everything I saw Mary Beth showed. I will be attending my 1st convention on my birthday, this year. Even though I am traveling over 4 hours to get there. I am north over 50 years old and haven't been this excited since I was 12 and we went to Disneyland!
    Thanks, for the tour.

  2. Mary Beth, so awesome to see it through your lens! This was my first time to ever experience a convention like this, there is so much to see, and watching your vlog I realize I missed a few things! It’s so wonderful that you shared this, an awesome opportunity to connect with some of the different companies, designers, business owners, and of course anything a creative could want all in one place! It was such a treat to meet you in person! Thanks for sharing x

  3. WOW, MaryBeth, thank you for showing us what one of the shows looks like. I'm in a deeply rural area in the Smokey Mountains, roughly 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta, 2 hours from Chattanooga, 2 1/2 hours from Ashville. I haven't seen a big retail art supply store in many years! It is amazing to see all those great supplies. I'd have to take a set amount of cash and leave my credit cards in the hotel safe, I'm afraid! LOL!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mary Beth. Awesome!! Can you post a listing on the StencilGirl site of upcoming shows where you will be displaying? Perhaps one of them will be within a reasonable driving distance. Might make a nice weekend trip!


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