Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Oh and Ah or Om over new stencils by Kristie Taylor and Gwen Lafleur

Kristie Taylor and Gwen Lafleur have new stencils!

If line and pattern intrigue your senses, then Kristie's hand-drawn pattern stencils will make you oh and ah.

If om is your words of the month, we listened and are delighted to release small and mini Buddha stencils by Gwen.

Hand-drawn Pattern Stencils

The Streamers and Dots Stencil, designed by Kristie Taylor, was inspired by her love of pattern. The flowing lines suggest a chalice or an opening flower, while the dots give this tribal-like motif grandeur.

The Rough Maze Pattern Stencil, designed by Kristie evokes a maze of woven steps. 

Paint a striking background pattern that unifies the art in your journal or create beautiful collage paper on your printing plate with the Rough Maze Stencil.

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha

By popular demand, Gwen Lafleur's Buddha stencil is now available in small 6"x6" and mini 4"x4" sizes!

Gwen's Chinese Garden Buddha Stencil was inspired by her travels throughout Asia and the image was taken directly from a soft pastel portrait in one of her art journals.

She has used the mini in a miniature book and art journaled with the small one in the works below.

The original large Buddha Stencil:

You can discover all the latest stencils right here, or go straight to designs by Gwen or Kristie.


  1. Kristie, awesome stencils. And love your buddas Gwen as I already have 2 of them.


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