Monday, September 30, 2019

Origami Treasure Boxes by Martice Smith II

Origami Treasure Boxes
by Martice Smith II

Hi everyone! Martice back on the blog again, sharing a super cute and functional way I like to use up my scraps of paper from my printmaking sessions. one way to help me keep my work desk neat and uncluttered.

Stencils used to create these origami treasure boxes:
Kilim Patterns by Cathy Nichols 
Scribble Scratch Handwriting Stencil by Carolyn Dube
Ancient Marks by Suzi Dennis

STEP 1: Stencil the paper with bold patterns and bright colors!
I love the gritty, mottled effect produced by a sponge roller. I think it resembles paint or chalk markings on concrete. The lines are jagged, expressive and just sit on top of the surface instead of being absorbed into the crevices. I’m always experimenting with different surfaces to get that cool, unexpected look. Kraft paper does the trick! 

I used a sponge paint roller for these origami treasure boxes but you may want to try a rubber brayer for a smoother paint application, or a cosmetic sponge for more control and ability to really lay down heavy layers of paint. Try them both to see which look you love the most.

Experiment with layering two stencils - try to create a new stencil design!

Use the gel plate to pull a print, choose a contrasting paint color, load the sponge roller, then roll over a stencil that has a bold pattern. 

STEP 2: Fold the paper to create the origami box.
I trimmed the kraft paper into squares. Some are 10” x 10” to create medium-sized boxes and 6”x 6” for smaller boxes.

STEP 3: Embellish!
These origami treasure boxes make handmade gift-giving even better! Gently tie a colorful piece of yarn around your new treasure boxes.  

Here are some of the items I like to keep inside of my origami treasure boxes:
Unmounted rubber stamps, rolls of washi tape, push pins, jewelry, and of course M&M candies! Yum!

That’s all for today, friends! I hope you enjoyed learning how I repurpose my stenciled papers and if you’re interested in learning more stenciling techniques, please check out my eBook ‘7 Unbelievably Easy Stenciling Techniques. Use the secret code STENCILPRO20 to get 20% off!
Happy creating!
-Martice Smith 

To learn more about Martice and her mixed media art tutorials, please visit her website or follow the inspiration trail on her Instagram  @MarticeSmithArt.


  1. This is a sensational tutorial! I love it so much, especially as it upcycles other paper you may have on hand. Thank you for including my Kilim stencils, too!

  2. Thanks for tips. Great way to use your stash.


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