Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sunflower Stenciled Camping Shirt

Greetings and salutations! Carol Baxter here with my Wear It project.

A long time ago I saw an ad for a t-shirt with half a sunflower imprinted on the right side front and I liked the look of it. As I recall it was traditional - yellow leaves and a black shirt.

I stenciled up my fave soft-warm-but-not-too-warm camping shirt and even put a bluebird on my shoulder.

1. Cut a mask out of cardstock to use for the petals and the 1/2 center. 

Tip: Reinforce the tip with clear packaging tape. 

2. Spread your shirt out and slip a nonstick kraft mat in between the front and the back so your paint won't seep through to the back.

3. Use painters tape to secure as needed.

4. Place the 1/2 center and tape down. 

5. Start with a petal in the middle: Place the petal mask you made down and slip the stencil you want to use underneath. Tape down.

6. Paint away. 

Tip: A Smudgee works great for this project!

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you have painted all your petals.

Petal stencils:
Web of Roses, L595, by Mary Beth Shaw
Feeling Groovy StencilClub large stencil by Jessica Sporn
In the Garden StencilClub large stencil by Terri Stegmiller
Nature and Nurture StencilClub large stencil by Jessica Sporn

8. Remove 1/2 center mask and use a contrasting paint on your center. I purposely chose a word stencil, Words to Live By, L209 by Carolyn Dube.

The bluebird and other embellishments (tidy up spots and a couple little stains):
Hearts and Birds StencilClub small stencil by Jennifer Evans
Musical Roundabout, S608 by Sandee Setliff

Tip: Had I been painting on a new shirt I would have mixed my acrylic paint with Golden Fabric Painting Medium. I heat set it with a dryer.

There's a bluebird on my shoulder! I hope there iwill soon be one on yours, literally or figuratively!

Happy stencil wearing!
Carol B


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