Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Gated plus two more stencils from Mary Beth's travels have arrived!

Go through a gate and into Mary Beth Shaw's imagination. No need to hesitate. You are most warmly invited!

The six stencils in Mary Beth's Gated Collection reflect the wide assortment of wrought iron gates she saw when she visited Puerto Rico. (Psst! There are 2 more not in the collection so please keep reading!)

The Trapezoid Squared Stencil is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright. Stenciling it and maybe adding words, now that is up to you!

Are you hot? The Exploded Fan Stencil is here to increase the artistic heat or cool it down. It all depends on your choice of color.

Oval Grate and Brilliant Star are made for fabulous background touches.

Draw attention in your art journal and mixed media work with the Square Circle Rectangle Stencil.

These Iron Flowers have staying power and are useful when you want to make a beautiful statement in your artwork.

And as if Gated Stencils were not enough, Mary Beth has designed 2 more stencils for your art-making pleasure.

Remember viewfinders? Seeing exotic locales through the lens of a plastic, hand-held device that your parents probably bought you? The mini 4"x4" Finding Your View Stencil is Mary Beth's homage to that vintage toy!

Greek Pattern, a small 6"x6" stencil made for her recent trip to Greece. Now it can be yours!

Discover all Mary Beth's latest designs here, and all the latest stencils here.

1 comment:

  1. Mary Beth, you really make your trips pay off, stencilwise. You saw a lot of striking gates, and did you also spend evenings glimpsing scenes through a viewfinder? These are all great stencils.


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