Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Oh! The wonder and variety of new stencils!

Jennifer Evans has new stencils for slightly opposite seasons ~ Whimsical Butterfly Florals on one hand and 2 sweet stencils for Christmas card making on the other! StencilGirl is introducing Cynthia Silveri's ATC Stencil and, by request, Tina Walker's Stone Statue is available as a small! There's art inspiration, a tutorial, and a video below :)


Playful Petals S728, Wild Daisies S729, and Butterfly Wings of Whimsy S727 are each 6"x6" stencils. Playful Butterflies L746 and Butterflies in the Garden L745 are 9" x12" stencils.
In Jennifer's garden flowers open their petals to drink in the sunshine while butterflies of many hues come to sip sweet nectar. These hand-drawn spirited insects and singular flowers are ready to grow and alight in your art.

Jennifer encourages: 
"I am having SUCH FUN working with the butterfly stencils
They allow you to be loose and bold and whimsical. 
I hope they inspire you to add your own doodles and marks to embellish them."


Mini Poinsettia M275 and Holiday Wreath M274 are mini 4"x4" stencils.
Jennifer designed these two minis with card makers in mind. Go traditional or modern with them. Poinsettias come in many colors and some varieties are speckled or striped for your mixed media greeting delight.

Paint a Poinsettia

Supplies in addition to the stencil:
• Brown Kraft Paper
• Acrylic Paint: 2 shades of red; green; yellow

• Markers or Water Soluble Pencil (green)

  1. Place stencil over brown paper. Outline the leaf shapes with green marker or pencil. Stencil flower with a darker shade of red. Remove stencil and fill in green leaves.
  2. Paint a lighter shade of red over flower petals.
  3. Add yellow to the center of the flower.

We'll be sending out Jennifer's watercolor tutorials in the October 3 Scoop so be sure to watch your email or you can download them via this link


Stone Statue Small S735 is a 6"x6" stencil.

The hands of the Stone Statue are clasped in prayer and a wistful smile is on her face. One wonders what or who it is that her heart yearns.

Tina envisions many mediums to be used with this stencil; paint, sprays, paste, and ink.


ATC Mixup Silveri L747 is a 9"x12" stencil that can be cut apart to use the patterns individually for ATC cards.

Cynthia Silveri created her ATC stencil primarily using landscapes and architecture primarily as her inspiration. In it, you may spy building windows, shadow patterns of light on a wooden fence or the scribble pattern of a pile of tinder, aerial perspective of landforms, even a school of fish.
The patterns on this stencil work great for integration on your ATC cards. Get creative as Cynthia did in her video (below). 

Get all the latest stencil releases right here!

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