Wednesday, October 9, 2019

StencilClub Voices have fallen in love with Lacey Leaves

These are the stencils Trish McKinney designed and we dare you not to fall for them!

Gwen Loveless' Lovely Leafy Projects

Postcards, coasters, and a canvas!

Deb Schlouch's Painterly Papers

Deb says: "I love, love, love LEAVES! Especially when Mother Nature starts the decaying process, creating all those beautiful, lacey holes. Thank you StencilClub’s Lacey Leaves Stencils by Trish McKinney for the Fall fun!"

Carol Baxter's Summer's End Cards

The leaves are turning and the mermaids confess. Although fall is definitely invading, they do not want summer to end. I, on the other hand, was abundantly ready for the cooler weather of fall.

Want to see Trish's reveal of the October 2019 StencilClub set? Watch here.

Need these stencils for your very own? They ship to club members on the 15th. Indulge your need to play in the leaves and sign up! 

After October 15th? One of the perks of StencilClub membership in addition to exclusive stencils, a loyalty coupon, and an artist-designed club project is being able to order past StencilClub sets.

Happy Fall!


  1. These stencils are incredibly beautiful and they way they have been incorporated into the art looks stunning

  2. Good inspiration here - thanks much!


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