Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Let's Wear It: Stenciled, Embroidery Embellished Skirt by Sunila & Aditi


Sunila and Aditi here with another post for StencilGirl® Products! This month's theme is 'Dress it or Wear it' and it got us excited because we've been wanting to use our stencils and embroider something.

So we decided to dress up a plain skirt:)! Here's a look at the skirt, before we get into the steps of creating it!

Step 1:
Here's a look at the skirt. Begin by picking out the stencils you'd like to use. We chose Star Struck by Nathalie Kalbach (L662) for a border and Art Deco Peacock Feathers by Gwen Lafleur for motifs! We picked these specifically because we had in mind a folk style pattern for the skirt, and these fit right!

Step 2: 
Place a few layers of paper in between the skirt in order to prevent the paint from seeping through. 

Choose an acrylic paint and begin stenciling the pattern dabbing it with a sponge. In our case, we wanted to use lime green, fuchsia, and purple for our final look. Since the skirt is a dark grey, we picked lemon yellow acrylic paint, which upon drying looks like lime green on the dark background. 

We first completed the border and then added elements as motifs from the Peacock Feathers Stencil.

Here's a look at the skirt so far:

Step 4:
Now it's time to embroider. If you choose not to, you could also use different acrylic paints and stencil the pattern and complete the skirt. We've used treads in four colors- baby pink, fuchsia, purple and lime green. We've also used beads, pearls, and colored stones to embellish it. For the border, we've used the Herringbone Stitch Design and for the rest, we've used the backstitch pattern. 

And that's it! Our gorgeous skirt is ready! Here are some close-ups:

We hope we've inspired you to dress up and wear something from your wardrobe!


  1. This is truly stunning! What a beautiful skirt and wonderful embroidery work. Thank you for using my Star Struck Stencil!

  2. This looks wonderful! I'm curious as to the amount of time it took to do this. I've seen other posts using acrylic paint on fabric and I'm also wondering if you mix fabric medium into the paint before you use it. If you don't then won't the paint wash off?


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