Thursday, November 7, 2019

Rooted in Nature Stencil Collection from Mr. Watercolor, David Daniels

Botanical S737
Believe it or not, this Rooted in Nature Botanical Mask was developed from a bunch of dill that David Daniels saw in the grocery store. Proof that inspiration for stencils is limitless.

David used paint dropped onto Yupo paper through the Botanical (top) and Floral (bottom) Masks.

Butterfly S738
David Daniels developed this Rooted in Nature Butterfly Mask from a photograph of a butterfly in a bush of flowers. 

Watercolor brushed over the mask on watercolor paper.

Floral S739
David Daniels needed to look no further than out a window in his studio to be inspired by a group of flowers. Viola!  His Rooted in Nature Floral Mask

David says, "This is the way I would most often use stencils in my work. This painting was done as a traditional watercolor painting using stencils in the background to create texture and interest. The floral mask can be seen in the upper left and the Botanical mask can be seen in the lower right."

Grass S740
Grasses growing and waving in the breeze outside David Daniels’ studio window inspired his Rootedin Nature Grass Mask.

Sprayed watercolor on Yupo paper and the same mask was used twice. 

Leaves S741
The maple leaves on a branch shading an oft walked path inspired David Daniels’ Rooted in Nature Leaves Mask.

Used as a simple mask with watercolors sprayed over it.

Palm S742
While vacationing in South Africa, David Daniels fell in love with the graphic design of some dead palm branches on which his Rooted in Nature Palm Mask is based.

Painted over mask using a variety of watercolors.

Riverbank S743
David Daniels’ Rootedin Nature Riverbank Mask was developed from a Riverbank near his home in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Multiple watercolors over the mask.

Hawaii Koi

"This was a personal challenge," David Daniels says. "I used all 7 of my stencils in the same painting. These photos show the placement of the stencils and the painting in development.

Need one or all of the Rooted in Nature Mask? You'll find them right here :)


  1. Wow! Jaw dropping technique using stencils! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah, what K>L. Stutzman said! Amazing and inspiring!


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