Friday, November 22, 2019

Art Journaling with StencilGirl® Products

As I have been contemplating this blog post, we have been packing up our home to move. The last room to get packed, of course, was my studio.

First the big stuff on the edges, and then moving in to the heart of the studio and the working counter. As the counter began to clear and the boxes were stacking up, I was finding little paper goodies and bits left behind from art journaling or other creative work.

A small scrap of paper there. A bit of rick rack edging here. And the loose words that had dropped onto the massively deep pile in the corner on the working counter where almost all things went to get mildly misplaced……but not gone.
And so, out of the misplaced corner pile came to be this very special art journaling page.

It would hold the goodies found. Seemingly everyday-not-special-type goodies to the untrained eye, but goodies that had been saved for sure.
This collective would be the lovelies that would serve as a reminder of the day. Things found. And the purposes of these page.


And so, I share with you the more cargo rare moonlight; her forty-odd years, silvered.
Much love always.

Xo. Kristin
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