Monday, November 25, 2019

Watercolor Like An Egyptian

Watercolor painting is something that I am slowly trying to bring back into my life. It used to be a retreat for me but then life got busy and I opted for crafts that didn't require as much concentration. Last year, I decided to pick up my brushes and try my hand at Gond painting. It is a really fun form of traditional Indian painting that uses abstract patterns. You can see one of the paintings I made using the Gond painting technique and Valerie's Nesting Doll stencil HERE. But my first love has always been faces. I have so much to learn to when it comes to creating those perfect flesh tones and facial features but I will never learn unless I practice. 

So, last week when my kids had a day off, I pulled out all my painting supplies and stencils. And while I sat there painting, my three little's ones came over and asked to paint with me. We sat together all day talking and painting. It is one of the best days we had together in a while.

I am using a watercolor journal that I received for Christmas last year but haven't had the courage to paint in until now. The stencil I used creates an easy face map to start out and then I can let creativity take over.

Laying skin tones is my first step. I let each  layer of paint dry before adding the next.

I dug out my watercolor pencils and used them for the eyes, hair and some highlights. My inspiration for this painting was the hieroglyphics stencil in the background. 

 I have found that I love using these face map stencils as a base for my paintings. I can see a whole journal full of faces in my future.

Thanks for joining me,

Stencils Used:





  1. What a magical day of painting with your little ones! Love how the stencil inspired you!

  2. I love this, Kate, and I loved that you started with a face stencil. I feel like you've given me permission to "cheat." Eileen xx

  3. Egypt sure has some memories in my heart - I never watercolored but in school! Great work!

  4. Wow, Kate, this turned out great. Love that Egyptian stencil (S724), too.


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