Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Introducing New Designer Chris Cozen plus New Stencils by Lanie Frick and Cecilia Swatton

Chris Cozen is StencilGirl's newest fabulous designer and she has 3 stencils for your art-making delight! Chris loves to travel and never goes anywhere without a camera to captures the shapes and patterns she encounters

S748, 6" x 6"
Chris Cozen loves the space that is created where rooflines and sky meet because it is a lovely negative space, full of potential. Her many trips to Italy inspired her small Building Perspective Stencil. Use it in a painterly fashion with acrylics or watercolors. 

L751, 9" x 12"
The spectacular forms of Santiago Calatrava bridges are beautiful to behold. Chris Cozen's large Bridge Anchor Stencil was inspired by the turning point of a footbridge handrail in Northern California. The towering spirals of this large stencil allow the user to create movement and energy in paintings and backgrounds. Excellent for printmaking and art journaling.

L752, 9" x 12"
The high and low points of light playing off the surface of a carved wooden door inspired Chris' abstract Wood Carving Stencil. This large stencil lends itself to both artworks and backgrounds.

"This is my favorite of the three stencils," Chris says.

We have even more stencils for your stenciling delight:

  • Gaze up through the treetops with Cecilia Swatton's new large stencil.
  • Frolic through your art journal and cards with Lanie Frick's Goat Family.

Looking Up Through Trees Stencil

Have you ever stood in a park or forest and looked up thru trees?"  Cecilia Swatton asks. "Did you have a "John Muir moment," when the glory of creation brought sweet joy into your heart?

"I designed the Looking Up Through Trees Stencil from one of my drawings, done to celebrate the feeling that can fill me when I get a chance to take in this view.”

Use the entire design or just a portion in your mixed media art.

L753, 9" x 12"

Frolicking Goat Family Stencils

Baby goats are just adorable. Their antics will totally crack you up. Lanie Frick has created a whole family to frolic into your art.

S747, 6"x 6"

“I raised one when I was kid myself,” Lanie says. “He had to be bottle-fed because his mother rejected him. I named him Nehi because he was fed out of a Nehi soda pop bottle. He was so small you could hold him in one hand.

“Goats can be very loving and enjoy being with you. They have a way of calming nervous horses. Many horse barns and racetracks have a staff goat to keep everyone in a Zen state of being.”

Nanny Goat S746 (left) & Billy Goat (S745 right) are 6" x 6"

There are 6 Goat Family Stencils to get painterly with and enjoy. They include 4 small stencils: Nanny Goat (S746), Billy Goat (S745), 2 Kids Faces (S744), Goats Playing, as well as 2 mini stencils: Kid 1 (M278) and Kid 2 (M279).

M278 & M279 are 4"x 4" each

S744, 6"x 6"


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