Friday, December 6, 2019

Daniella Woolf: StencilGirl® Stencils Inspired by Travels

Hi, everyone! Daniella Woolf back here today! In my last post, I talked about how travel inspires my design work for StencilGirl®. I’ve put together this group in which all the imagery is from food! Because it’s always all about the food, right? In this group we have five images from the following countries, The Czech Republic, Cambodia, Vietnam and two from Thailand.

Wheels from The Czech Republic. These “wheels” are actually candy in a giant barrel in a shop in Prague.

Then we have Spring Garlic, from an outdoor food market in Cambodia. Our tour guide was very crafty. We were going to a small village to have a cooking lesson and lunch with locals. We were to bring the ingredients. He gave us Cambodian money, and each of us had to find and purchase a particular item from the list of ingredients given to us (list written in Cambodian!). Interacting with the local vendors was really fun. This garlic was too beautiful!

Sweet Bundles. These little snack size bundles were in a case at a road/rest stop in Vietnam. They were pork dumpling wrapped in banana leaves and some sort of twine. This rest stop also had many outdoor hammocks where drivers could take a nap, before they went back along their way.

Noodles were street food in Thailand. We were at a parade, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and this particular vendor was selling noodle-nests!

And finally, Spiral Filets also from an outdoor market, this one in Thailand. They were displayed at a most peculiar place. Part of the market is on train tracks. The train passes through several times per day. When the train comes, the merchants move their products aside to provide clearance for the train.
Watch for my next post on more stencils from travel!

Here I am in front of a Mondrian Painting, wearing my Mondrian glasses in a museum in Lisbon.

Daniella Woolf

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  1. It was really fun reading the story behind the stencils, seeing your original photo, the stencil inspired by it, and a piece of art using it. Thanks for sharing this!


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