Thursday, January 9, 2020

Land, Sky, & Sea Stencils have sailed into 2020

Enter Mary C. Nasser's world of adventurous landscapes, soaring blue yonders, and daring sea adventures with these stencil designs.

Mary's Stencil Designs

The mini 4x4s:

The Sun Stencil is inspired by the sun, its warmth and light, and the season of Summer and all of its adventures: from road-trips to transoceanic travel!

Art Journal
Embark on a journey in your art with Mary C. Nasser’s Sailboat stencil! 

Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Use the Sun and Sailboat stencils in your:
  • art journal pages, 
  • mixed media projects, 
  • card making 
  • and more. 

Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Ancient mariners relied on the stars for navigating oceans and seas. Reminiscent of a compass rose, the symbol of the Nautical Star also represents a traveler’s or sailor's way home. 

Use the Nautical Star to add 
  • shapes, 
  • patterns, and 
  • contrasting values to your art.
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
The Land, Sky & Sea Stencil is inspired by an ancient symbol appearing in Irish art and design. One interpretation of this triple spiral motif is that it represents the connection between the land, the sky and the sea.

The radial design of Land, Sky, & Sea makes it great for adding:
  • rhythm and 
  • movement to your art.

The small 6x6:

Metro Map is inspired by the abstract patterns created by subway and train maps. This 6" x 6" design is composed of a circular shape and repeating circles within the design. 

The abstract design of this stencil makes it great for adding:
  • shapes, 
  • patterns, and 
  • harmony to your art.
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Mix it up ATC style!

Mary C. Nasser’s ATC Mixup Stencil features nine images measuring 2 ½” x 3 ½” – perfectly sized for ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). The 9 abstract map motifs are made to be cut apart to create ATC cards, incorporate into mixed media art, and easily take along when you travel with your art journal.  

Sail on over to this link and discover all of Mary’s stencils inspired by maps and travel.


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