Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Mary Beth Shaw's January 2020 StencilClub Stencil Reveal!

Well hello there :)

We are glad you joined us here, where Mary Beth Shaw's Private Collection 20.1 is revealed!

Here she is at play, prior to creating the exclusive project for StencilClub members. The technique/project is still a secret but StencilClub members will have it on the 15th of January.

The 9x12 is made up of cubes and more cubes for your linear art pleasure. Mary Beth is excited about all the abstract layering potential of this stencil when used in your art.

And you know how much she loves her grids. Well, the simple crisscross in this one is something she's been jonesing for and how you can enjoy it too.

The mini is an actual riff of hand-drawn elements in her art journal. After all, StencilClub is where it's at!

Joining StencilClub means you have access to the coolest stencils around. Stencils that aren't sold anywhere else except club members. Artist designs made especially for club members. 

And it's like a mini class because you get the artist-created video and pdf. 

Plus members receive a loyalty coupon, access to the Facebook Group, and more!

You can sign up via this link. Hope to see you in StencilClub!

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