Friday, January 17, 2020

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By pure chance we have arrived at part of Ben Okri’s poem that has special resonance in January, a month in which time seems to be an obsession for all of us. Time passing, time coming, we think about time a lot more in this first month of the year and in this case the first year of a new decade.

If you want to see my previous illustrations of Ben Okri’s words you can find them by searching for me by name on this blog and they will all pop up. I try and make each spread very differently from the previous ones to keep it interesting but of course, these are all art made by me and that is a reuniting and returning element. This month we have arrived at the following lines: “Time is an act of consciousness: one of the great forces of the material world.

You will notice that I have used stencils from a previous StencilClub. If you’re not a member yet (and it would make a great gift to yourself for this New Year) you can still get these stencils by becoming a member and then asking for back issues.

Here is the step by step tutorial:

1.      Use 2 facing pages from a large art journal. I’m using the largest size ArtbyMarlene journal that has the great advantage of being able to remove the pages from the journal (which is ring bound), work on them and return them to the journal when the pages are done.  Lay out the pages on your work surface and brayer a variety of colors of acrylic paint onto your pages randomly. I used Fresco paint by PaperArtsy in the following colors: Pixie Dust, Orchid, Hyde Park, China, Zesty Zing and Lime Light. Let dry thoroughly.

2.      Spray through parts of the large stencil from the July 2019 StencilClub using sparkly mica sprays in blue.

3.      Brayer on a dark opaque paint (I used Fresco’s Baltic Blue) to the bottom part of the pages and remove the paint through the same stencil as in step 2, using a baby wipe.

4.      Using a pencil and stencil Beautiful Halo and transfer the outlines of the stencil to both pages, at center bottom. Then fill in with a gold marker ( used a Faber-Castell Pitt pen) and edge the gold with a white marker (I used a Sakura gelli roll 10). Also outline the oval shapes from step 3 within the head using  the white marker, then use a black marker to outline the face and the circle.

5.      Add the word TIME to the left hand page by outlining the individual letters with a pencil, using stencil Vintage Typewriter Alphabet, and fill in with a black marker. Then outline with the gold one.
6.      Glue on the clock onto the right-hand page as shown and outline with a black and gold marker. Outline the numbers with gold.
7.      Stamp the words of Ben Okri’s quotation onto vintage paper using a permanent black ink pad and a variety of alphabet stamp sets. Tear out the words and adhere to the pages as shown using a glue stick. Outline the words with a black chalk marker and smudge.
8.      Using Distress Crayons (or other water dissolvable crayons), rub on color (I used pink and yellow) in some places and remove through the stencil used in step 2.

9.      Drip down yellow acrylic ink on the pages.

10.  Glue on the postage stamps as shown.
11.  Edge the pages with a dark blue permanent ink pad.

© Frieda Oxenham 2020. To see more of Frieda's work, please visit her BLOG.

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