Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Play an instrument stencil-style or party with new ATCs - Carol & Cecilia have new stencils!

Your art journal is trembling with excitement for new stencils by Carol Wiebe and Cecilia Swatton.

Strum up a symphony in your art journal with Carol's stylized, evocative, guitars, mandolins, and ukeleles.

The cats are at play in the garden and there's a swan-a-swimming in Cecilia's two new ATC stencils. Keep on scrolling because this is a post that will engage your brain and your muses!

Carol Wiebe decided to do something "a little different and pure fun with her stencils." Her art practice has evolved into a largely digital one, however, she likes adding photos of hand-painted pages and stitched paper or cloth to her digital work.

Instrumental Banjo Stencil S764, 6"x6"

Carol writes: "I started with, hilariously enough, Humpty Dumpty. Except I made her a female who loves to play the banjo."
"I wanted to turn the recognizable objects on my stencils into something else. Here, a guitar becomes a keyhole."

Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Stencil S763, 6"x6"

Instrumental Mandolin & Ukulele Stencil M286, 4"x4"

"A group of ukuleles becomes a mandala."
"I added notes to this abstract design, as an homage to the abstract nature of music."
Instrumental Electric Guitar Stencil S765, 6"x6"

"Why not go from creating an abstract image to using recognizable objects in an abstract way? In essence, the electric guitar becomes a flower bed."
"Why not turn a ukulele into a bird?"
"Or an electric guitar into an elephant?"
"It is such a fun exercise for the imagination to turn recognizable objects on their heads."

Instrumental Play Stencil L766, 9"x12"

Carol writes: "In my final design, I wanted to give testament to the fact that music helps us express emotions. It lends our emotions wings."

Bet Carol has you totally thinking outside the stencil! Discover all of Carol Wiebe's stencil designs.

You can get the Scoop on the latest stencils and download a PDF of Carol's Music Journal HERE, and get more of her insight.

Cecilia has used her ATC stencils to create stained fridge magnets, ATC cards, tags, altered photos, and collage papers.

All 9 squares on each ATC stencil are based on her previous design-work that has been adapted for smaller-scale, perfectly sized for ATC backgrounds.

ATC Mixup 1 - Swatton features 3 cats with masks (complementary to the Cats Stencil), Unfurling Leaves, Diagonal Mania, Hot Air Balloon, Ski Lift Works, Desert Blooms, and Fantasia.

A wild variety of motifs for ATC cards and mixed media art form ATC Mixup 2 - SwattonYou get a flying Osprey, a gliding swan, (each with masks) and a curious penguin as well as Ornamental Iron, Fern Fronds, Ginkgo Leaves, Mikka's Flowers, Sprigs, and Thistles.

ATC Mixup 2 Stencil - Swatton, L769

Here are more examples of the many ways you can use ATC stencils.

What won't you create with these new ATC Mixup stencils by Cecilia?!?!

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  1. This was so much fun for me, and I love being paired with the incomparable Cecilia Swatton!


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