Thursday, April 30, 2020

Cecilia Swatton and Kathryn Costa each have a new stencil!

Hi there! StencilGirl is bringing you 2 new designs today: Four Gates Mandala designed by Kathryn Costa and Palm Fronts Silhouette designed by Cecilia Swatton.

The Palm Fronds Silhouette 9" x12" Stencil 

Add depth and mystery to backgrounds with this stencil by Cecilia Swatton. Make people ask, “HOW did you do that?” 

Use it repeatedly across a layout, choosing different colors while turning the stencil around with each paint application.

Use it repeatedly across a layout, choosing different colors while turning the stencil around with each paint application. 

For more zing, put it to work with 6” x 6” 
Palm Fronds Silhouette Small and 4”x4” Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini.

L791   9”x 12”          S238  6” x6”          M050  4” x 4”

Mini, small, and large Palm Fronds Silhouettes
Cecilia says: "What to do when your first idea doesn’t work?  Aw heck, just keep going!


Cecilia had this to say about the art above: "Grab a stencil, modeling paste, iridescent beads, bits of multicolor faux foil, string gel medium, gloss liquid medium, dry pigment powders like Brusho, metallic powders like Pearl Ex, inks of any brand or Golden High Flow acrylics – and prepare to amaze yourself!  With these, my plan was to create an ultra-wet, 3-D surface that would contain color, flow when tipped, and accept small inclusions. Step-by-step photos with directions on my blog."

The embossed-looking area on the art print below was actually a ghost print made with another sheet of paper that had been sponge-brayered with metallic gold acrylic paint. Cecilia used another sheet of paper instead of a Gelli Plate and "smushed" the two papers together while the gold paint was still wet. After that ghost paint dried, she made a new print over it. The original background paper is black. 

All of Cecilia's stencil designs are available via this link.

Four Gates Mandala Stencil by Kathryn Costa

The Four Gates Mandala Stencil by Kathryn Costa is inspired by the traditional mandala and yantra art from the Hindu and Buddhist culture. Many wisdom traditions work with the four directions representing the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth. This stencil can also be used to create the Chakana also known as the Inca Cross from the Peruvian tradition. Some additional geometric shapes and symbols provide even more design possibilities including the ouroboros, infinity symbol, Chinese Yin Yang, and the OM symbol.

There are so many possibilities one can do with this stencil and Kathryn has made a diagram on the right highlighting in red which part of the stencil she traced for the design. 

This stencil also pairs well with Kathryn Costa’s Chakra Stencils Set. 

An infinite number of possibilities exist as to what you can create with the Four Gates Mandala Stencil.

Cecilia's, Kathryn's, and all of the newest stencils can be found right here!

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Join Kathryn Costa from True North Arts and Mary Beth Shaw for a soul to soul conversation on how their creative and soulful practices keep them grounded, peaceful, and creative during these unusual times.
The soul to soul conversation covers:
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  • Integrating spiritual and creative practices
  • The power of living and working with intentions
  • Tapping into the healing power of color and sacred geometry
  • Recognizing the grounding and centering patterns found in the art of all wisdom traditions and cultures
  • Introducing Kathryn Costa's newest stencil from StencilGirl Products, "The Four Gates Mandala" and how to use this stencil to cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, peace, and joy.
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  1. I love both of these stencils. I always love Cecelia Swatton's nature-inspired stencils. (I have her other two Palm Fronds and will be buying this one as well - you can never have too many palm fronds!) Am particularly intrigued by the variety of designs Kathryn Costa created with her new Four Gates Mandala stencil. Very beautiful!


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