Friday, April 3, 2020

Be Painterly or Artsy with new Spring Stencils: Bunnies and Ewes

The most wonderful thing about these stencils is no matter what painting skillset you possess they give you a foundation from which to launch.

And hey, if you can't take advantage of springtime out of doors, the paints in your indoor art space are calling :)

Two sheep and four large rabbits were part of Lanie Frick's childhood menagerie. 

Lambs & Ewes


The sheep liked to follow Lanie around the farm. Sometimes they would jump and twist and take off in a bouncing run. When she would let the rabbits out of their cages into their grass pen they could act so wildly silly and put on a funny show.  

Bunnies Jump and Bunny Face

Lanie says, "I guess that’s why at times my work is realistic and then there are moments when I get a wild hair and create something humorous. The realistic designs bring peace and sincerity to a creative piece. The whimsical designs express the exuberant moments any of us can have. The large open body shapes are for you to have creative fun. Enjoy!"

Spring Ewe

Tip: Stencils with lots of empty space are perfect for layering another stencil with a pattern underneath!

Whimsey Ewes

Are you ready to jump? These bunnies have not forgotten to exercise!

Bunnies in Motion

Four Bunnies in Motion
Get painterly with your stencils!

Lanie's stencil designs include horses and goats! Be painterly or artsy. Check them all out here and build your own farm :)

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