Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Stencil Club Voices are Mark Making Marvelous Art!

There's a creative explosion happening as our marvelous StencilClub Voices, Robin Krieger, Martha Christopher, and Lea Vollmer take on the Mark Making set Cat Kerr designed for April 2020 StencilClub members.


Robin Krieger’s Queen Sing and Queen Tattoo of Far Away

Robin writes, "I like this one. It reflects my love for nature. The color of spring popping, birds singing butterflies fluttering and Queen Sing’s peaceful expression and always a queen. Spring is my favorite season because there are new beginnings everything is fresh and new. This was a fun piece to do!"

Deep layering:

"The Queen Tattoo of Far Away lives in her world of love and kindness where she does her own thing and lives her life her way!"

Deep layering:

Martha Christopher’s Perfectly Pretty Pictures starting with Upcyled Vinyl

Martha writes, "I absolutely love the new stencil set and I know I will use it a lot in my art journal pages. But for this project, I wanted to try something different. A while ago I picked up some vinyl flooring samples at a home improvement store because I thought I could make something out of them. The last picture below shows what they looked like before I added gesso, regular modeling paste and some gritty texture paste, sprays, inks and a bit of paint."

We could not resist a close-up!

Lea Vollmer’s Mixed Media Embroidery Book

Lea writes, "I’ve been playing around a lot lately with the idea of making books and booklets, so this one falls more in the booklet category.

"I started out making 5 cards of different sizes thinking I was going to make a wall hanging with them but once they were done, I didn’t like any of the ways that I combined them for a wall hanging. As I was looking at them laying on my table trying to figure out what to do, I had a light bulb moment and decided to make an accordion fold booklet! 

"I used strips of Sari Silk ribbon glued to the back for the joins so they would be flexible.

"These pages were made on 120 lb. Arches watercolor paper so they would hold up well to all the layers and embroidery.  The cards were cut out, rice paper backgrounds were applied, then the stencils and other embellishments.  

"I embroidered over the top of some of the stencil designs with straight stitches and French knots using DMC Perle Cotton as they reminded me of the slow stitching that is popular right now! I used a bookmaker’s awl to punch holes for the embroidery as I went because this paper thickness is hard to stitch through by hand and fingers get sore quick! 

"I added buttons, ribbons, trim pieces, lace, stamps, and other paper ephemera. 

"You can stand it up on end to display.

"It was fun seeing how many ways I could combine the stencils both with paints and embroidery!"

Lea Vollmer’s Accordion Fold Book

Lea writes, "For my second project, I made an accordion fold book using acrylic paint, markers, stamps, some nature-themed cut-outs plus another stencil from Trish McKinney’s Lacey Leaves StencilClub Set.

"The fold-out was done on Arches 120 lb. paper, the book cover was pamphlet stitched to the pages. I started out tearing pieces of other background papers up and gluing them down, covering it with clear gesso and then stenciling on top. Images and stamps were then added, and I used colored pencil to colorize the images.  

"This book presented several challenges and did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, but I learned several things I need to do next time. The most important being: figure in the thickness of the spine! I didn't remember to do that, so now it can be displayed opened up, but not closed. Oops. That's what I like about these challenges - you learn things!"

What projects are you ready to make a mark on? 

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