Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Doodles and Doodahs Delight

Do you doodle?

Posca Pens
Inktense Pencils 
Stabilo "Woodies"
Uniball Signo White Pen
Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks
Sakura Pigma Microns
Tombo ABTs
Tim Holtz Distress Crayons
Papermate Gel Pens

Whatever pens, pencils, and crayons you have, they adore StencilGirl® stencils!

Here are five fairly random stencils for fantastic fun finger play. Let your mind go.

You can hardly go wrong with one of Andrew Borloz' Crazy Quilt Stencils. 

This one happens to be, Crazy Quilts Calm & Frenzy.

Want a slightly slower pace? Try: Mod Ovals and Circles by Lizzie Mayne.

Lizzie stayed with a monochromatic theme. What color would you choose?

Tame the tornado, Doodle It Tornado Flowers by Maria McGuire that is.

Here's how in 3 steps:
1. Stencil background.
2. Cut out shapes.
3. Embellish shapes. Of course, you are allowed to use more stencils :)

Stencils you see by other designers: Urban Insiders SquareText & Texture, Free as a Bird, Now is the Time, and Wall of Words.

Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.

Make it partially readable by covering some of your thoughts with paint.
Make it partially legible by writing close together.
Keep it secret by writing half over each line.
Not sure what to scribble? Try song lyrics or a poem.

Is Figments of Imagination by Carolyn Dube the first stencil with masks you were thinking of using for scribbles? Maybe not, but it so works if you are in a mood that is perhaps partially perplexed, whimsical, or simply need to lighten the mood.

And really, there is no justification needed for art journaling!

Circle Web by Sui Dennis has all sorts of spaces to capture an entire thought or (depending on the day, right?!) scattered words and colors.

Circle Web is in the background but adding Scrappy Cat and Fun House Checks you can use stencils with pens and pencils and crayons almost like creating your own paint-by-number:

Remember, StencilGirl® stencils are as pictured. The white part is the mylar and the black area is for you to paint and doodle to your heart's content.

What are your fave stencils and pointed colorful tools to use for divine doodles and doodahs?  

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