Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cat Kerr: StencilGirl® Products & Leather!

Hi, everyone! Cat Kerr here! Glad to be back to share another tutorial!

I've been obsessed with leather lately. I've been working on wallets and book covers and even jewelry. I've been cutting and shaping and stitching and dying it. I've also been painting it, which is what originally led me to start thinking of leather as not only a workable material which can be cut, stitched and dyed but also as a possible substrate that can be embossed, stamped, and you guessed it...stenciled. 

Today I'm making a simple leather cuff, but honestly, there's nothing simple about it. What I mean is that my video shows you how to add design to leather using one application, but there is so much more design possibility here. The cuff part will always be created the same way and with StencilGirl® Products’ store full of amazing stencils to choose from, well... there's no limit to the design opportunity! Plus, keep in mind that leather paint works almost the same way as acrylic paint (it doesn't crack when you bend it, which is great for cuffs). That means you can end up creating a work of art...for your wrist. How cool is that!

Material list:
Veg Tan leather 3-4 oz.

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