Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Line Up! Stencil. Repeat.

Line Up and Repeat.
It sounds like an order when you say it aloud.
Heard you try it. LOL

At StencilGirl® we only want to give you insight into what you can do with stencils. (Never orders.)

That said, when "line up" is applied to a batch of stencils rather than a crowd, you can transform a blank paper into something wonderful!

The rolling pin, spatula, and whisk will have you stenciling in nothing flat! This Baking Utensil Repeat Stencil is by June Pfaff Daley. Need baking implements? June has you covered.

These stencils next few stencils were designed to line up perfectly horizontally and vertically.

Quilt your own garden on paper with the pretty adjoining blossoms of the Quilted Flower Garden Stencil by Cecilia Swatton.

Diamonds may indeed be a girl's best friend but it is increasingly expensive to make art with jewels.
Try Mary Beth Shaw's darling Leaf Diamond Stencil instead!

TIP: The easiest way to line up the stencil perfectly is to match the edge row of the stencil over the pattern row you have already painted.

What if you could make raindrops splash just the way you wanted? Andrew Borloz achieves just that with his Bent Drops Small Stencil. It pairs nicely with the single design, Bent Drops Mini Flower.

We "tote" you stenciling was fun!

The hand-drawn tile pattern of  Kristie Taylor's Diamond Bell Square Stencil is ready for you to block out this pattern across the pages of your art journal and so much more.

Here it is shown with Crystal 12 pt. Mandala.

And now we come to the elegant Medieval Leaf Motif Stencil by Jessica Sporn.
Wouldn't it be lovely stenciled on the edge of a skirt?

It can also be used to make a flower as in the blue and gold pattern below.
Nifty as a background too.

This hand-drawn beauty, Curliecue Allover, by Janet Joehlin is not an exact match with regard to the earlier tip, but it would also make a pretty repeat pattern at the edge of a shirt or skirt.

Here, Janet has used Curliecue Allover in her art journal.

This stencil by Carol Wiebe is repeatable, but note the little extra space between the middle and right row. It gives the eye a place to rest and wonder. Joy! Use the Diamond Facets #1 Stencil to create a larger repeating pattern. Maybe on fabric?! Check out 3 more diamond facets by Carol.

You'll need to turn Mary Beth Shaw's Ribbon Weave Stencil to repeat it:

The Star Quilt Stencil by Mary Beth Shaw in small or mini sizes is fun for lining up side by side by side by side by...

Quit #1Small or Mini, also by Mary Beth, allows you to create a twirled pattern you can use with alternating colors.

Quilt it on paper or fabric.

Your mission, we hope you'll choose to accept it, is as the card at the top stated, to "bake the world a better place" by going forth and making art :)

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