Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Typography Art Journal Cover by Wendy Baysa

So glad you stopped by! We are excited to introduce you to one of our newest team members, Wendy Baysa, and her first wonderful piece of art as a Creative Team member.

Hello, Wendy here. 

Today I will be working on the cover of this Jane Davenport canvas journal that I picked up for a hot buy at Micheal's for a whopping $6.97! The journal measures 6" wide x 9" tall.
Start by generously applying collage medium onto one side of the journal cover. I used a palette knife but a brush or credit card can be used also. 

Be sure that the collage medium is thick enough to stay wet while applying, this is the trick to get the paper to become translucent. If the glue dries, it will remain frosty white.

The Typography collage paper is also 6" wide so I lined up the edge of the paper with the edge of the cover. 

Apply more collage medium, being careful not to rip or slide the collage paper but you want to be using enough pressure to press out any air bubbles or gaps between the paper and the canvas of the cover. Don't be skimpy with the medium, the wetness will help the collage paper adhere and transform it into a translucent state. 

Optional: If you prefer no brush marks, you can use your finger at this point and smooth the collage medium with your finger. You have a small window of time to do this step if like a smooth surface better. 

I used a sanding block to remove the excess but you can also rip, use water brush or scissors to remove the little extra.

Front and back ~ looks great as is or take it a little further like I did .....

When almost completely dry I started to rub the paper with quite a bit of force and what happened is where the collage medium was a bit thicker and not completely dry yet, the paper ripped up exposing some random solid areas of the canvas cover. Then I let dry overnight. 

I then added scraps of vintage piano paper rolls. This can be any vintage paper you may have on hand but try to stay with solid pieces vs busy (like music). Using this as a neutralizer and taming down the business of all the typography. You could also use gesso or acrylic paint. 

Using the Vintage Typewriter Numbers Stencil by Carolyn Dube L591 I pounced with Burnt Umber only on the vintage paper areas. If you accidentally get some on the white type. paper clean up with rubbing alcohol. I also added random words onto the vintage paper with Now is the Time Stencil by Carolyn Dube L317 both front and back.

I have a brown Stabilo All pencil and added some lines to the stenciling to add another dimension. 

Adding another layer by using a Versimark Brush side marker and Walnut Stain Distress Glaze in random letters. 

Edge the sides using Golden Black Gesso and a blender tool. 

To seal and get the glaze to a matte finish I applied Luiqutex Matte Medium to front and back with a brush.

For the final step a closer~ I poked a hole through with a craft pick and screwed in Idea-ology hitch fastener. Then stapled elastic on the back with the tiny attacher. That's it :) 
Here are a few final shots ..... 

I left the spine blank so I can write on it what I end up using this journal for. 
Thank you for joining me and have a blessed day! Wendy xo 

Wendy's bio:

Wendy says “she is thrilled, honored, and ecstatic to be invited to participate with the talented and inspirational SGCT and is so looking forward to the year”.
Wendy lives in Michigan with her husband of 24 years, 3 young adult children, and a miniature Aussiedoodle named Luna.

Her creative journey started long ago with exposure to many different mediums. Over the years she is self-taught in sewing, canvas expressionism along with a little realism painting, paper crafting, recycling furniture, and home d├ęcor just to name a few. Although she does admit to not being able to roller paint walls or knit. Sssshhh, lol. Wendy also enjoys outdoor time which includes grilling, gardening, campfires, and skiing. 

Discover Wendy: www.dabbledoday.com 


  1. Love what you did - very handsome results! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Terry, glad you like it :)

  3. Awesome techniques! Happy you've joined the team as I particularly love your style.


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