Wednesday, June 10, 2020

StencilClub Voices take on the Shaw-Sjodin Mash-Up for June 2020

It's time for you to feast your eyes on the delightful art journals and books created by Susan Jennings, Anna Friesen, and Carol Ponsford made with the Shaw-Sjodin Mash-up Set as StencilClub Voices. Look for unusual doorways, subtle patterns, bold leaf (rather than gold leaf), and a video!

Susan Jennings painted in 2 different art journals

This page was inspired by MaryBeth Shaw and Seth Apter's Friday night journal session. I used her technique of spray ink on a stencil to make a "print" on deli paper, then when that dried painted the reverse side with acrylic paint which I learned to do in a Dina Wakely online class that same week! The phrase is from Dina Wakely's collage collective. I used paint pens through the 9" x 12" stencil to create the dotted patterns in the middle and leaves on the border.

I first created collage papers by mono-printing on a gel plate with colors in shades similar to the art and magazine graphics using this month’s club set

The woman's face is a StencilClub stencil from October 2018 by Pam Carriker which I've been using in a personal challenge to use one stencil 100 different ways (She's #49). 

Finally, I used the Shaw-Sjodin Mash-Up Set to decorate her blouse and create her pendant. (This 2-page spread was inspired by Laly Mille's art that was beautifully displayed on the current cover of Somerset Studio magazine.) 

A leaf spoke to Anna Friesen

I just love cabbage rose patterns, and the ones featured in this set are no exception. I tried to make them the star of the show in this layout, but the waves of color were yelling at me, so they had to take backstage this time. You can spy them among the pink swaths, but very quiet. 

And then the leaf on the right waved hello at me. 😂 I like that that the recycled paper packaging journal is seen here too, on the edges to the right, hosting the special leaf. 

Carol Ponsford is practicing random acts of art

When I received the June StencilClub set, the first thing that popped out was that it had all the elements for a walk in the woods so I immediately thought of doing a journal page and was able to create everything on the page from the 2 larger stencils even down to the water rings in the pond. 

The quote is one I have always liked and felt it worked perfectly with the page. 

What I had in mind before receiving the set was to make an art book. After taking Dina Wakley’s Facebook Live Accordion Book class and I knew that I wanted to use the Lost Coast Design stamps I had purchased several years ago. 

Knowing that the June set would be arriving soon, I was hopeful that the stencils would have designs I could use as my background layers and was thrilled when I received it to see that it had all the yummy patterns that would work perfectly for what I had envisioned. 

Bet you have beautiful projects of your own going through your mind! 

Want to see Mary Beth Shaw and Valerie Sjodin's Reveal of this stencil mash-up? Look here.

You can sign up for StencilClub by June 15, 2020, to get these exclusive stencils.

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