Thursday, June 11, 2020

From Opulent Florals to Beautiful Botanical ATCs, StencilGirl has the Stencils

Love mark-making? Love flowers? Kristie Taylor and Rae Missigman have each designed new stencils to make you want to plant your own garden. Rae has a tutorial for you too!

Flowers bloom like sunbursts in the Flora Lace Stencil by Kristie Taylor.

Kristie's Mumzie Flower Stencil is based on a stylized anemone mum. This is a fun stencil when you want a large pop of color.

The 3-petaled beauty depicted in this stencil is a Trillium. Use this pattern stencil for delicate att backgrounds that support a large blossom or another focal point.


ATC Mixup Missigman: Mark Making by Rae Missigman has crosses, stripes, dots, marks, and ovals to give you a mixed media arsenal of mini ATC-sized marks to use in layers in your art projects. ​

Rae's Mark Making ATC Mix-up pairs quite nicely with the ferns and flowers, leaves and single leaf sprigs of Rae's Botanical Mixup.

You can shop the latest stencils HERE or ones designed by Rae Missigman HERE and stencils by Kristie Taylor HERE.


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