Friday, July 10, 2020

Art Journaling with StencilGirl® Stencils by Frieda Oxenham

As I’m writing this (mid May) we are still in full lock down here in Scotland, cast adrift on stormy seas and driven by a ferocious wind with no land in sight just yet. As least that’s what it feels like at times. But at the same time I’m also enjoying all the beautiful signs of spring, the new lambs and calves in the field surrounding us and the flowers popping up all along our rural little country lane. Can you be sad and happy all at once? If so, that describes best how I feel from day to day.

In all this Ben Okri’s poem remains a solace to my soul and we have reached the lines: And as we travel on this life that is a sea, we can glimpse eternity”. It’s a bit unnerving to find his words so very appropriate to our times. But also hopeful!

Here is the tutorial:

1.      Gesso two facing pages (I use the large art journal from ArtbyMarlene) using a mix of white gesso and light blue acrylic paint.
2.      Add darker blue acrylic paint to the pages here and there on the lower half of the pages and remove through Bunched Crossed Line Waves, using a baby wipe.
3.      Repeat step 2 with medium blue paint and stencil Water Ripples.
4.      Stencil on circles using titanium white acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge using Water Ripples again.
5.      Stencil on waves to the top of the water bit of the pages using Making Waves, a cosmetic wedge and pearlescent blue acrylic paint.
6.      Stencil on the face to the right hand page using a blue spray paint (I used a Liquitex one) and the large Shaw Carriker Mash-up stencil.
7.      Glue on images from Stamperia rice papers to both pages as shown using matte medium.
8.      Outline the face on the right hand side using a permanent white marker and the stencil from step 6 as a guideline.
9.      Outline birds, ship and lighthouse with a stabilo all black pencil and smudge using your finger.
10.  Stamp on the text of the poem with a mix of alphabet stamp sets and unto vintage blank paper. Tear out the words, edge with a blue inkpad and glue the pages using a glue stick.
11.  Stamp onto the bottom of the pages with shell themed tapestry stamps.
12.  Edge the pages with a blue permanent ink pad.
13.  Glue on the postage stamp as shown.

© Frieda Oxenham 2020. To see more of Frieda's work, please visit her BLOG.

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