Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Social Justice Stencil Series from Laurie Mika

The traditional Irish Claddagh was the inspiration for this series of social justice 4" x 4" stencils by Laurie Mika.

The Crowned Hands Stencil by Laurie Mika is a variation of an Irish Claddagh, representing love, friendship, and loyalty. The script inside the crown reads "B Lives M" for Black Lives Matter. The shaking hands in black and white represent unity.

Crowned Hands Stencil, M308, 4" x 4"

The inspiration for Laurie Mika’s Hands Forming Hearts Stencil came from a visit to the doctor's office where there was a Covid public service announcement to wear masks and it struck her that this was a perfect symbol to create in black and white. Love conquers all.
Hands Forming Hearts Stencil, M309, 4" x 4"

The clenched fist has become the iconic symbol for the struggle for equal justice.

My Fists Stencil, M310, 4" x 4"

The Claddagh Stencil is full of symbolism: the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty.

Claddagh Stencil, M307, 4" x 4"

You'll find these and other stencils by Laurie Mika right here.

The artist will receive full royalties for these social justice stencils. StencilGirl will make a donation to a social justice cause.


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