Thursday, August 6, 2020

Stencils that will make your desk happy!

Just where is a push pin, rubber band, safety pin, paper clip, or staple when you need one?

Who needs office supplies when you have these patterned stencils handy?

These are sharp objects, and they're larger than life but nowhere as vastly oversized as Claus Oldenburg, the sculptor, would make them. Andrew's mini 4' x 4" Push Pin and Staple can be used singly or together. 

A dropped box of push pins caused Andrew to look at them a pattern and this 6" x 6" stencil was born. 

Ever needed to unbend a staple? The 6" x 6" Staples Stencil was inspired by the countless times that Andrew had to unbend or throw out the "bad" staples. When scattered across a piece of paper, they looked promising as a pattern that could be used on the paper.  

Andrew thinks the fact that safety pins are springy and one has to squeeze to either expose or hide the sharp point is interesting but you won't need to worry about sharp tips with either of these stencils.

Choose from a scattering of safety pins in the 6" x 6" stencil or pick the mini 4" x 4" version when you want things orderly, plus there are 3 sizes to meet your needs.

Rubber bands are everywhere - in offices, in schools, at home, and at the grocery stores. They are available in varying sizes, and Andrew has created a montage of bands for an interesting effect of being scattered all over desk drawers.

Use the pattern of randomly distributed images in these 4" x 4" Rubber Band minis alone or as a pair for an interesting effect on any surface. 

Andrew has created these two images of paper clips - as a stencil and as a mask in the mini 4" x 4" mini. He says, "They're larger than life but not as oversized as Claus Oldenburg, would make. The stencil (or the mask) is ideal for creating clips out of paper which are great as embellishments for the art journaling or scrapbooking project - it's flatter than the metal or plastic paper clips." 

For the 6" x 6" Paper Clips Stencil, Andrew has come up with a design that allows you to either stencil an orderly pattern or to create a mask of paper clips. 

Go ahead. Order some office supply stencils and make your desk happy.

Great for art journaling too!

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