Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Enter Valerie's Mid Century Modern Garden

Valerie Sjodin has new stencils and masks. Look! She decorated a home for bees with two of them! Mid Century Modern and the work of Rex Ray inspired Valerie to draw these elements for use as stencils.

Scroll down and watch the bee box video for spray paint inspiration.

Use this Organic Circles, Lines & Bubbles Mask to make marvelous journal edges and gel press prints, but it is large enough for furniture decorative applications.

Circles & Lines Large Mask, L800, 12" x 12"

The large Organic Circles and Lines Mask makes a great background, perfect to use with a gel plate, ink, and paint sprays.

Circle Bubbles Stencil Mask, 6" x 6", S794

This Circle Bubbles Stencil Mask is great for making borders and adding bubbles and dots to your journal pages, ATC cards and more.

Make your walls special with this whimsical stripe and scallop border. Customize it by adding leaf sprouts as desired. The leaf interior shapes can be snipped out for gel press printing. Leaf Whimsy Border Scallop makes it easy.

Mid Century Modern Motif Giant, 12" x 24", G029

Paint furniture, artwork, journals, and more with Mid Century Modern Motif. This whimsical stencil fits nicely on a large gel press and great for painting furniture and large journals, as a background or edges that can be cut to the stencil shape. The organic interior shapes can be snipped out for more gel press printing.


Garden Flowers Tile Stencils and Masks by Valerie Sjodin can be repeated our used singularly adding floral beauty to your artwork.


  1. These are amazing masks and stencils. I can see so many uses for these and making my own fabric using thickened die. Thank you for your fabulous designs!

  2. Great stencils, beautiful work, inspiring ideas for stencil use. Save the bees! :-)


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