Wednesday, September 9, 2020

StencilClub Voices Create with Modern Botanicals by Rae Missigman

Our excellent StencilClub Voices took on Modern Botanicals, the September 2020 StencilClub set by Rae Missigman.

Here are Kandi Kwirant, Sara Jansen, and Laura Snow to share their art journals and collages.

Kandi Kwirant 

Borrows a Quote from Rae

I took an on-line class with Rae Missigman and saw this quote hanging on her wall. I thought this was the perfect time to borrow it from her since these are her stencils and because I needed to dust off some of my art supplies and get back into making art. It felt good! 

Renewal by Sara Jansen

Last year my husband bought a trike, and I've been riding around on the back of it a lot this summer, enjoying all the beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer. We drove through Willow where a wildfire had gone through a couple of years ago not too long ago. The trees are charred and black, but still standing. And growing right below them is fireweed. I'm not sure if they have fireweed in other places, but it is one amazing weed. It is the first thing to grow in disturbed ground and it is literally all shades of pink, until the end of the summer when it goes to seed which are lovely wisps of white.  The grass was a vivid green and the sky oh so blue. Those colors are etched in my mind. 

I started with a gelli print of the sky and the grass, using a couple colors each of blue and green, mixed with white on my brayer. Next, I used Rae's smallest stencil to indicate the black trunk of the trees. I have to tell you that I think the stencil would also make excellent mountains - I'll be playing around with that! I loved the 6" stencil immediately and made a copy on a separate piece of paper, and did some embellishing with paint pens, then cut it out. The white edge helps distinguish it on the page I think. I got stuck though, trying to figure out how to portray all the fireweed in the trees. Then, TA-DA. I remembered that after watching on of Mary Beth's Facebook adventures, I had purchased some clear Duralex. Some quick little improvised fireweed later and I was in business. 

I played with this stencil set for a long time, which I generally don't do. In the end, I think it captures what I was trying to achieve. 

Laura Snow's 

Gratitude Journal & Collage

My name is Laura Snow and I live in the Cincinnati area of Ohio. I have a passion for Mixed-Media Art and am mostly self-taught with the help of other artists like Mary Beth! I have been a part of Stencil Club from the beginning and am always using stencils in my art. Sometimes to create interesting backgrounds and also as the feature or center point of my artwork. 

What fun I had creating with Rae Misegman’s StencilClub stencils! I did two projects with her September offerings.

This first one is a journal spread in my Gratitude Journal. Rest, safety and peace are all things we are all searching for in this time of unrest and uncertainty.

For my second project, I started with a large piece of watercolor paper and collaged some old book pages to it. I then added some hi-flow Golden paint in Sepia and Shading Gray. After this dried, I sealed the entire paper with matte medium and then used a light gray and buff color to bring a lighter tone to the paper. 

Next, I used the smallest stencil with white paint and then followed with the largest stencil in Golden’s Violet Oxide. Lastly, I used a combination of Burnt Umber and Green to create an olive green color and used the leaf stencil. I placed all the stencil images randomly throughout the paper. 

I then used a 5”x5” and 6”x6” window and placed them around the paper framing in small pictures and traced and cut them out. To finish my little pictures I outlined the green leaves with a Uniball Signo white pen and wrote words on deli paper, tore them out, and glued them in place with matte medium.
I love including images from nature in my artwork and this month’s stencils made it so easy to do just that!

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You can watch Rae's Reveal of her Modern Botanicals here. Need stencils by Rae Missigman? Here they are :)


  1. These are all beautiful pieces using Rae's new stencils. Fabulous work, ladies!

  2. Beautiful! I can hardly wait till they arrive!

    1. You are going to love the site nails!

    2. Whoops! You are also going to love the stencils!

  3. Awesome stencils!!! Can’t wait to play!

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