Thursday, October 29, 2020

Explore with 10 Color Swatch Stencils designed by Rae Missigman

There are a total of 10 Color Gradient Stencils (1 large and 9 small) in the set Rae Missigman created. 

They are perfect for watercolor or acrylic paints.

She feels this way about color:

"I find that color is valuable because it allows us to look at the world around us in a unique way. I use color to help define the direction of projects, to record custom color mixes, and to explore composition ideas for paintings, needlework, photographic layouts, and even stitching projects. Color takes the lead in all of my artwork. By putting color to work for us we can discover so much about what we love in both our art and the world around us."

Floral Swatch Wheel Stencil, S841

Let your color wheel bloom with the Floral Swatch Wheel Stencil with Mask. There are 8 petal areas in 4 rings for your paint mixing pleasure. 

Custom Color Swatch Stencil, S840

You have room to discover a dozen possibilities when mixing 2 colors with the Custom Color Swatch Stencil

Color Mix + Gradient Swatch Stencil, S839 

Choose 4 separate color or 2 color duos, add black for a new shade, or white for a new tint when you use the Color Mix + Gradient Swatch Stencil. There is a line for you to record the colors.

Color Gradient Swatch Wheel Stencil, S838

Let one color lead you into exploration with the Color Gradient Swatch Wheel Stencil. Explore a single color using the circular center and watch it evolve as you work water or color into the mix using the 16 outer bands.

Color + Gradient Swatch Stencil, S837 

Start with 3 colors of paint and use the Color + Gradient Swatch Stencil to help you explore the gradients of those colors. There is a line for you to record the colors.

Abstract Color Mixing Swatch Stencil, S836

The playful Abstract Color Mixing Swatch Stencil has 9 crossed circular elements useful for exploring tints.

20 Colors Swatch Grid Stencil, S835

There are squares for 20 colors and a line to write the names in the 20 Colors Swatch Grid Stencil.

8 Color Swatch Wheel Stencil, S834

8 Color Swatch Wheel Stencil was designed for you to explore the tones of 2 colors.

6 Color + Gradient Swatch Stencil, S833

6 Color + Gradient Swatch Stencil was designed for you to explore color gradients with acrylics or watercolors.

Swatch Grid 9" x 12" Stencil, L826

There are 36 rectangles for you to record colors when you use the Custom Color Swatch Stencil.

Explore all of the stencils Rae Missigman has designed.


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