Sunday, November 1, 2020

Revealed: The Shaw Taylor Mash-Up for November StencilClub

Mary Beth Shaw and Kristie Taylor have picked their faves and played with the sizes for a November 2020 StencilClub Mashup!

This exclusive set of stencils can stand alone or complement existing stencils you may already own in different sizes. 

Diamond Dot is bigger and while it is not specifically a repeating stencil, it is easy to line up the dots for a repeating pattern. 

Kristie loved Mary Beth's Tile Maze but wanted to use it as a background and so it evolved into a large stencil. 

Mary Beth loves pattern and Kristie's Tri Textured Sheet Metal is now a larger pattern but in a mini stencil.

Kristie and Mary Beth are ready to tell you more about their Mash-Up set:

Here's a sneak peek of the beauty and techniques the two artists are sharing with club members on the 15th of November:

StencilClub stencils ship to all members on the 15th:

Each month, you get the following:

  • one 9" x 12" EXCLUSIVE stencil.
  • one 6" x 6" EXCLUSIVE stencil.
  • one 4" x 4" EXCLUSIVE stencil.
  • An EXCLUSIVE video for MEMBERS ONLY provided by the designing artist. It's a class in itself!
  • A downloadable PDF with basic instructions to go along with the video for that month.
  • Entrance into a SECRET Facebook group for MEMBERS ONLY! A place to share art, get inspired, be inspiring, and talk all about stencils!
  • Plus, as a MEMBER, you are eligible to purchase ANY past month for the membership price. 
  • StencilClub members receive a loyalty coupon code each month good for 20% off stencils in the public collection. It can be used more than once.

See you in StencilClub!

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