Thursday, November 19, 2020

Christmas Coasters with StencilGirl® Stencils by Ann Butler

Hi, everyone! Ann Butler here!

When I found these Coaster Sets on clearance for under two dollars, I bought several to upcycle.  They are the perfect surface to stencil on and with Christmas right around the corner, they will make great gifts!

StencilGirl® Stencils:
Flourish Alphabet Uppercase by Ann Butler
Random Assorted Dots by Ann Butler

Other Supplies:
Coasters with Container
Earth Safe Finishes Paint, White
Earth Safe Finishes Colorant: Green, Red
Ann Butler Stencil Tac from Earth Safe Finishes
GinkK Dye Ink: Red, Green
Purple Tape from Thermoweb
Makeup Sponges or Daubers
Heat gun
Baby Wipes

Step 1:
Apply Stencil Tac to the back of the stencil (optional).  Let dry. 

Step 2:
Tape off the container and paint the open area white.

Step 3:
Apply a few drops of green colorant onto the wet paint and blend until you’re pleased with the result.  Remove the tape.  Clean edges if needed with baby wipe.  Let dry or heat set. 

Step 4:
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the coasters, except the taping off as you will paint the entire top of the coasters.  Do two with green colorant and two with red colorant.

Step 5:
Place the Random Circles Stencil onto one of the green coasters.  Apply red ink with a dauber.

Step 6:
Remove the Stencil.  Repeat with the other green coaster.  Then repeat with the two red coasters, using green ink.  Let dry or heat set.

Step 7:
Place the Flourish Alphabet stencil onto the top of the container and stencil the work “JOY” in red ink.  Let dry or heat set.

Have fun!
Ann Butler

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  1. How cute. I would like to make some of these, and design them to fit each recipient. Really cute. sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Sharon, that is a great idea! They are quick and easy to make and would be wonderful gifts! Ann


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