Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What Do You Have to Wear to Feel Dressed TODAY?

Hello Stencil Enthusiasts!

It is Peg Robinson and Shel C on the blog today.

Our world is a different place these days. With so much going on outside our homes we wondered...what do YOU need in your daily attire to feel dressed to go outside your house?

One thing that is very new, but very important, is a face covering or mask. So, if you have to wear it why not make it beautiful? With a few great StencilGirl stencils and some paint, you have the tools to make it so! It’s also fun to have a few extras on hand to hand-out to service people who may visit you at home and forgot to bring a mask. Peg will show you what she is talking about.

Peg chose to use spray media for quick and easy results.

To see the whole process here’s a video showing how these were created:

Shel had a different idea of what she needs to feel dressed..or dressed up..before going out these days. Some of you probably need perfect hair or make-up. Others the exactly coordinated outfit, shoes, and purse. For Shel, she really doesn't feel dressed to go outside without jewelry. Yoga pants and a t-shirt with hair in a ponytail is perfectly fine...but no jewelry? No way! So Shel used some stenciled shrink plastic pieces to make these shiny earrings for going out.

Why shrink plastic you may ask? Well, if you LOVE a StencilGirl stencil design but it is just too big to make something like earrings...why not just shrink it??? An important tip when you are trying to use shrink plastic and make it fit into something that is a certain size is to make yourself a measuring tool. Simply mark a strip of your plastic like a ruler with a permanent pen and then shrink it. Now you have a shrunk ruler that you can measure your bezel with and that gives you the proper size to cut your piece to be stenciled.

Another important thought when using shrink plastic is to remember that the color you stencil on is going to get darker and more intense as it shrinks down. So a pretty red color may look black once shrunk. Use pastel colors and they will be darker when done. Pigment-based ink as well as archival dye ink both work well as do alcohol inks.

A finishing touch is some sort of dimensional sealer or resin to make a shiny level coating on the top. I used a common product, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, to glue the plastic into the earring bezels as well as adding a layer over the top. A few beads added in the right colors to the hooks and my earrings were done!

Watch how Shel C made these earrings in this video.

Stencils used to make earrings:

Words to Live By, L209, Designed by Carolyn Dube 

Small Figures People, S707, Designed by Valerie Sjodin 

ATC Mixup Apter #2, L750, Designed by Seth Apter

StencilClub November 2019 

StencilClub September 2020 

Butterfly Wings of Whimsey, S727 Designed by Jennifer Evans 

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